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About EyeLog - Log Eye Prescriptions

Make your lives easier by storing all your eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions digitally in one place, so you don't have to worry about losing them in the future. This way you can keep track of your eye prescription history and see how your vision is changing overall.

Apart from saving prescriptions, EyeLog comes with additional useful features that are available if you upgrade to the premium version. These include:

Share prescriptions
Share your saved prescription instantly with anyone with just a click.

Convert eyeglasses to contact lens prescription
Save yourself time by quickly converting a saved eyeglasses prescription to a corresponding contact lens prescription using this converter feature.

Set prescription renewal reminders
You can set a renewal reminder date for your prescription, and Eyelog will notify you when your prescription is set to expire.

Convert eyeglasses multifocals to single-vision prescription
This tool helps you easily convert your bifocals / multifocals prescription to single-vision lenses (distance, reading, computer).

Make prescriptions recording hassle-free!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is EyeLog?

EyeLog is a digital platform that allows users to store their eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions in one place.

Why should I use EyeLog?

EyeLog makes your life easier by keeping your prescriptions safe and easily accessible. It also provides additional useful features such as prescription sharing and conversion tools.

What additional features does EyeLog offer?

EyeLog offers features such as prescription sharing, converting eyeglasses to contact lens prescriptions, setting renewal reminders for prescriptions, and converting multifocal prescriptions to single-vision.

How can I share my prescriptions using EyeLog?

With just a click, you can instantly share your saved prescriptions with anyone.

Can EyeLog convert my eyeglasses prescription to a contact lens prescription?

Yes, EyeLog provides a converter feature that allows you to quickly convert a saved eyeglasses prescription to a corresponding contact lens prescription.

Does EyeLog remind me when my prescription needs to be renewed?

Yes, EyeLog allows you to set a renewal reminder date for your prescription and will notify you when it's time to renew.

Can EyeLog convert multifocal prescriptions to single-vision prescriptions?

Yes, EyeLog provides a tool that helps you easily convert your bifocal or multifocal prescription to single-vision lenses for distance, reading, or computer use.