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About GlassesOn | Lenses & Pupils

Getting your glasses parameters has never been easier! Our new premium flow includes unlimited scans for SV glasses, while continuing to meet the industry standard, all from the comfort of your own home!”

GlassesOn scans your eyeglasses for their optical parameters and provides you with their full prescription including sphere (power), cylinder (astigmatism), axis, and PD (pupillary distance).

GlassesOn is registered as a Class 1 Exempt Medical Device on the FDA Medical Device Listings, CE (EU) self-declared Class 1 and registered as a Class 1 Medical Device on the TGA Medical Device Listings. GlassesOn meets the industry guidelines for accuracy (ANSI-80.17). However, GlassesOn does not provide medical advice and does not replace a full eye health exam. We encourage you to visit your eye doctor periodically.

To use GlassesOn, you will need:
- A computer with a screen size 12"-27"
- Your smartphone
- Any card with a magnetic strip (e.g. a library card)

Who can use the GlassesOn app?
(Note: please read our Terms of Use carefully, at It includes, among other information, a detailed list of conditions and illnesses that prohibit the use of GlassesOn).

You may use GlassesOn if you:
- are a healthy individual, 18 or older
- have stable vision, and are happy with your current prescription
- have a single vision prescription between -6.00 and +3.00
- have a cylinder measurement up to -2.50

You should NOT use GlassesOn if you:
- have a progressive, multi-focal, or bifocal eyeglasses
- have a prescription that includes a prism measurement
- have a high single vision distance, reading, and/or astigmatism powers
- take any medication that affects your vision
- have any illness or condition that affects ocular health (ask your doctor)

We respect your privacy. In our privacy policy, we clearly list what information we collect when you visit our website and/or use our app. For full privacy policy information, go to

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