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About ImageMeter - photo measure

ImageMeter provides tools that help you measure lengths, angles and areas in your photos. Instead of drawing sketches by hand, simply take a photo and annotate it with the dimensions on your phone or tablet.

ImageMeter has the broadest support for Bluetooth laser distance measurement devices. Most devices from various manufacturers are supported (see below for full list of devices).

What is also special about ImageMeter is that it enables you to measure within the image once you calibrated it with a reference object of known size. It often happens that after taking the photo, being back at home or in the office, one realizes that some important distances have not been measured. This is no problem anymore with ImageMeter because it enables you to measure the missing data directly from the photos, afterwards. Additionally, with this feature, you can also easily measure the dimensions for places which are too difficult to reach. The only thing you will need to do this is some kind of reference object to calibrate to absolute size. ImageMeter will take care of all perspective foreshortening and will still compute the measurements correctly.

- measure lengths, angles, circles, and arbitrarily shaped areas based on a single reference measure,
- text notes, audio recordings, picture-in-picture for detail images
- measure the height of poles using two reference markings on the pole,
- freehand drawing, draw basic geometric shapes,
- Bluetooth connectivity to laser distance meters for measuring lengths, areas, and angles,
- context sensitive cursor snapping to draw quickly and accurately,
- export to PDF, JPEG and PNG,
- import PDF, measure drawings at scale,
- sort your images into subfolders with color codes,
- metric and imperial units (decimal and fractional inches),
- optional upload of your images to cloud storage for backup or to synchronize the images automatically between multiple devices,
- fast and correct value input with autocompletion.

Supported bluetooth laser distance meters:
- Leica Disto D110, D810, D510, S910, D2, X4,
- Leica Disto D3a-BT, D8, A6, D330i,
- Bosch PLR30c, PLR40c, PLR50c, GLM50c, GLM100c,
- Stanley TLM99s, TLM99si,
- Stabila LD520, LD250,
- Hilti PD-I, PD-38,
- CEM iLDM-150, Toolcraft LDM-70BT,
- TruPulse 200 and 360,
- Suaoki D5T, P7,
- Mileseey P7,
- eTape16,
- Precaster CX100,
- ADA Cosmo 120.
For a full list of supported devices, see here:


ImageMeter is a winner of the "Mopria Tap to Print contest 2017": most creative Android apps with mobile print capabilities.

*** This Old House TOP 100 Best New Home Products: "a superpower for anyone shopping for furnishings to fit a space" ***


Support email: [email protected].

Feel free to contact me if you observe any problems,
or just want to give feedback. I will answer to your
emails and help you resolve problems.


At this place, I'd like to thank all users for all the valuable feedback I get. Many of your proposals have already been implemented and improved the app a lot, and many ideas are waiting to be included in the next versions. Let me assure you that all of your proposals are considered, as my goal is to make this app as good as possible to improve your productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does ImageMeter do?

ImageMeter helps you measure lengths, angles, and areas in your photos by annotating them with dimensions on your phone or tablet.

Can ImageMeter measure within an image?

Yes, ImageMeter allows you to measure within an image after calibrating it with a reference object of known size.

What devices are supported by ImageMeter?

ImageMeter has broad support for Bluetooth laser distance measurement devices. You can find a full list of supported devices here:

What features does ImageMeter have?

ImageMeter offers features such as measuring lengths, angles, circles, and arbitrarily shaped areas, text notes, audio recordings, picture-in-picture for detail images, and more.

Can ImageMeter export and import files?

Yes, ImageMeter allows you to export your measurements to PDF, JPEG, and PNG formats. It also supports importing PDF files for measuring drawings at scale.

Can I use ImageMeter with multiple devices?

Yes, you can upload your images to cloud storage for backup or synchronization between multiple devices.

How can I get support for ImageMeter?

You can contact the support team at [email protected] for any problems or feedback you have regarding the app.

Has ImageMeter received any recognition or awards?

Yes, ImageMeter won the "Mopria Tap to Print contest 2017" for being one of the most creative Android apps with mobile print capabilities. It was also recognized as one of the "TOP 100 Best New Home Products" by This Old House.

Is user feedback considered for improving ImageMeter?

Absolutely! The developer highly values user feedback and considers all proposals for implementation in future versions of the app. The goal is to continually improve the app to enhance user productivity.
Great App for measuring angles. It was used for a DIY (solo) bike fitting and it worked flawlessly!!! from pictures I took earlier, i managed to measure angles and project changes!!! (super accurate and vers...
Zak Serroukh
Yesss 10/10. Found the perfect dimension app. P.s. to the new users. Tap the calibration screen away and then tap the dimension line to manually insert value!
I love this app, so useful when a pictureis not enough. Well worth the money. If picture says a thousand words, it becomes a million words with this app. Life saver for quotations and money will spent on app...
Kiarash Kazemi
Really worth downloading
harry prasad
Worked well for me
M Dragon
Not bad
Mahesh Bhardwaj