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About BizConnect- Business Card Reader & QR Code Scanner

No. 1 business card scanner and cloud-based contact management tool that is trusted by 200 thousand users over 191 countries.

đŸ”¥Business Card Reader, Scanner and Contact Management Tool
đŸ”¥Must-Have App for Hubspot, Salesforce and Pipedrive users
đŸ”¥Highest Rated App on Google Play Store

1. Business Card Digitization: Digitizes business cards 100% accurately in all major languages.
2. QR code reader and scanner: BizConnect scans QR codes and add them as contacts.
3. Export: Digitized data can be exported to excel, google, and outlook.
4. Import: Organize your contacts in one place by importing them from google and outlook.
5. Salesforce and Hubspot: Export your digitized data from BizConnect to Salesforce and Hubspot and manage leads and contacts.
6. Intelligent CRM: BizConnect lets you manage leads, tasks, activities and additionally generates a lead score which signifies the probability of successful conversion, thus helping an individual to improve its success rate and metrics.
7. Team: Create a team and add members to share and collaborate.
8. Privacy and Data Safety: BizConnect is designed to protect your data and privacy. We are very strict about privacy and intellectual property rights of the users. We never sell data in any form.
9. Free version: You can scan up to 300 cards in the free version. The free version allows scanning 10 cards daily for 30 days.

Why BizConnect?
BizConnect is the best business card scanner that digitizes data with 100% accuracy by leveraging AI and OCR. BizConnect is a structured and integrated personal CRM that manages your contacts to boost sales performance by whooping 43%.

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