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About My Virtual Business Card

MVBC is the best online business card offering an innovative platform to manage your professional business cards on your mobile phone. This app can be used over cross-platforms and all smart devices. In fact, traditional business cards can also be scanned and saved in the app. Thus, it gives contactless and eco-friendly Smart digital business cards that can be shared on both Android & iOS devices. One can send emails📧, messages💬, make calls📞, get direction to the addresses🏢, etc. with this virtual business card app.

⭐ Offer: New user gets 5 free cards at My virtual business card.
⭐ Social Link: You can link your LinkedIn & Facebook profiles to your card.
⭐ Share Cards: Send your cards easily by email or QR code.
⭐ Card Reader: Scan your print card and save them on your tablet or phone.
⭐ Chat Room: Interactive messaging with all advanced features.

Why Choose MVBC?
✅ Gives a healthy edge over your contacts.
✅ Smarter networking with online business card maker.
✅ Brilliant services at a good price.
✅ Interactive chat room for business communication.

How Does A My Virtual Business Card Work?
1️⃣ Users can register using
☑ Profile photo
☑ First name
☑ Last name
☑ Email address
☑ Password
☑ Confirm password
⚠ Before creating an account, you need to check the checkbox for accepting T&C and Privacy policy.
⚠ After registering, you need to verify the email address then the user can log in to the app.

2️⃣ Add new business card
☑ Scan the visiting card and apply OCR to it.
If details are retrieved using OCR scan, then fill up the form automatically. Rest other fields can be left blank for the user to edit the form.
☑ Profile photo (capture from camera or pick from the gallery)
☑ First & Last Name
☑ Company Name
☑ Contact Number
☑ Email address
☑ Job Title
☑ Website
☑ LinkedIn & Facebook profile link
☑ Location (Autofill up as per user current location)
☑ Store captured business card photos as well.
☑ Industry (user can enter any industry here)

3️⃣ Chat
☑ List of all recent chat with the user (After 30 days automatically delete chat history)
☑ User can get chat details of past messages.
☑ Users can send Text, Video up to 15 sec and Images.
☑ Notification for a new message.

4️⃣ Connection List
☑ There are two tabs here; All & Favorites (you get reminders here).
☑ Users can check details of already connected contacts & even add them to favorites by clicking the heart button.
☑ User can add a new connection by scanning QR code & adding business location.
☑ You can search as per name & industry, that too in alphabetic order.

In-App Purchase:
➡ User can see the current purchased package & buy different packages;
1️⃣ 4.99 USD = 30 cards Left
2️⃣ 7.99 USD = 60 cards Left
3️⃣ 49.99 USD = Unlimited for 6 months cards Left
➡ New user gets 5 free cards to share.
➡ Users can start & end their subscriptions anytime.
➡ Users can see how many cards are left after giving them away.

The My virtual business Card app eases everything!
📱No more Paper Wastage!
🌎Save the planet! Save the trees!
🔐Safely exchange business cards in Pandemic!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is MVBC?

MVBC is the best online business card offering an innovative platform to manage your professional business cards on your mobile phone.

Can traditional business cards be saved in the app?

Yes, traditional business cards can be scanned and saved in the app.

What features does MVBC offer?

MVBC offers features such as a new user offer, social link integration, easy card sharing, card reader functionality, and an interactive chat room.

Why should I choose MVBC?

MVBC gives you a healthy edge over your contacts, allows for smarter networking, offers brilliant services at a good price, and provides an interactive chat room for business communication.

How does My Virtual Business Card work?

Users can register by providing their profile photo, first name, last name, email address, password, and confirm password. They need to accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy. After registering and verifying their email address, users can log in to the app. They can then add a new business card by scanning a physical card or manually filling in the details. The app also has a chat feature and a connection list for managing contacts.

Can I purchase additional cards in the app?

Yes, users can purchase different packages of cards through in-app purchases. There are also free cards available for new users.

What are the benefits of using the MVBC app?

The MVBC app eliminates paper wastage, contributes to saving the planet and trees, and allows for safe exchange of business cards during a pandemic.
Great app 👍
Jitendra Gajera
Best app ever 😄
Zeel Gajera
This is an amazing app. I really loved it ❤️
Tahir Mann
Wow. This is so amazing application. Best part of this app is that i can manage all my data in one app. 👌
Vanita Mishra
One of the best app in which I can trust blindly and manage all my business cards. Thanks for this wonderful app! ❤️
Simone Smith
Trustable app ever. I can now manage all my business data in one app. This is so amazing 👍
Heena Gajera