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About CapWay

CapWay creates financial opportunities for everyone through mobile banking, financial education, resources, and other tools while providing a social culture for money.

No hidden fees. Bank from your phone. Multiple deposit options, including cash deposits. Send and receive money. Save and create money goals. Created for those who have been overlooked by the rest.

Learn Money is our social financial feed that includes videos, short articles, infographics, tips, and resources. Come here and find out how to improve your credit score, getting out of debt, and other facts and hacks that will put on you a level playing field when it comes to making smart decisions with your money.

We create all of our content with your financial health in mind.

Daily conversations with others in the CapWay community. If you think you're alone in some of your financial goals or struggles? Think again. Vote and discuss it with our Money Talk feature.

Lack of knowledge is expensive, and we help you cut the cost. Your organization can partner with CapWay to give those within your organization access to our digital and engaging financial education programs. Our programs cover personal finance topics including credit, debt, personal loans, student loans, investing, entrepreneurship, and more. We use content from history to pop culture.

We also provide financial literacy programs for individuals and in partnership with brands and influencers.

CapWay provides the convenience and access to​ a better opportunity and financial future.

STAY BLACK AND PROSPER! reach one teach one. πŸ’•βœŠ
Brandie Isaac
I love this I wish i would have found it was sooner, this is needed in our community and i hope to help endorse in the near future.
Spunk Em
Love The Vision. Love The Lessons.
Aj White