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About FlyFin A.I. finds tax deduction (Freelancers only)

Made for freelancers:
FlyFin is the world’s first A.I. tax engine designed by leading technology experts. It is built for independent professionals such as freelance developers, designers, marketers, rideshare drivers, self-employed entrepreneurs, and others who itemize tax deductions.

Powered by Mastercard:
Linking your account is highly secure. We do not receive your account credentials and no charges can be deducted via linking your bank account(s). FlyFin gets “read-only” access to your account transactions which is end-to-end encrypted.

How FlyFin works:

Step 1: Securely link your expense accounts with end-to-end encryption powered by Mastercard.

Step 2: A.I. figures out all possible deductions and gets you maximum tax savings automatically.

Step 3: Accept or Reject deductions while FlyFin learns to find even more deductions for you.

FlyFin finds every tax deduction from your expenses using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Simply connect to all your expense accounts: credit cards, bank accounts, or any financial accounts. FlyFin takes over and sorts through all your expenses to find every possible tax deduction.

Turn expenses into deductions automatically
Can I expense meals? Rent? Uber? Health Insurance? Artificial Intelligence and our expert tax CPAs work together to help you maximize your 1099 tax deductions. You ask a question and our tax CPAs will respond within 24 hours.

24x7: On the go
A.I. automatically finds tax deductions every time an expense occurs, around the clock. FlyFin notifies you about important on-going deductions, recommendations on how to take deductions, and any other critical IRS reminders such as quarterly taxes or changes in the tax code.

Maximize Savings
Don’t leave a penny on the table. A.I. does not forget or let any expense slip by. On average users save 10%-30% more on taxes than in previous years. Along with our A.I. engine, our CPA team also reviews your tax write-offs to ensure accuracy.

Get 2020 Tax Report:
On average, freelancers were able to discover over $5,000 additional deductions from the tax report. This is a $399 value service where we analyze and figure out the best tax outcome for you - a qualified member of our tax CPA team will lead this analysis and provide you with a report.

*We are running a special offer where you get free access to this 2020 tax report for a limited time only. Get the app to know more!

File 2020 taxes at $99/-:
File your tax returns with our expert CPA team. This price includes federal + state, and any joint filer with you. You can download the app and simply Schedule a Call with our Tax CPA team and initiate filing for 2020 taxes.

Ready to file tax return on January 1
Just press a button and you’re done! Never worry about tax season again. A.I. and our expert tax professionals handle everything behind the scenes.

Swipe through your taxes:
There is a lot more than you can do besides just Accepting and Rejecting your tax deductions.

Accept: Swipe Right if you’re sure it is a deduction

Reject: Swipe Left to reject

Later: Swipe down if you want to deal with an expense later
*Ideal for expenses for which you might need more information like Amazon, Paypal transfers, Uber rides, etc.

CPA: Swipe up if you want to know whether you can take an expense as a deduction or not.
*An expert CPA will answer your queries, completely free of charge.

Are you a freelance designer?
FlyFin is for you! Freelance designer tools, specific requirements for designer work desks, home office, workspaces, travel, meals, personal items, etc. can all be identified, categorized, and classified by FlyFin’s A.I. tax engine.

Are you a freelance software developer?
Software and hardware tools, home office, utilities, electronics, personal items, meals, travel, etc. can all be identified, categorized, and classified by FlyFin’s A.I. tax engine.

Are you a Freelancer? Get FlyFin now

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