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About DEAD CITY - Choose Your Story Interactive Choice

Interactive Zombie Chat Game (Text Adventure)

DEAD CITY is an incredibly thrilling, interactive chat story which cannot be told without your help. For Sam, you are the only contact outside of the evacuated area. Can YOU save Sam?

Live up to the trust placed in you and guide Sam through the post-apocalyptic chat text adventure game in real-time. Make your choices carefully, as they will have severe consequences on the story of the game.

How to play the text based adventure

DEAD CITY's interface is based on a chat messenger app (similar to Telltale) representing your connection to Sam.
It is neither necessary to answer all messages immediately nor to have the game open permanently.You will be notified about new events even if the App is closed and you can decide yourself how things should be run.

Sam needs the help of a good friend. Without you Sam will not survive the next days💥 !
Will you meet this challenge?

⭐️ NEW updated 2019 edition!
⭐️ NEW Completely free!
⭐️ Interactive real-time chat text adventure game
⭐️ Breathtaking story
⭐️ Your decisions can change everything!
⭐️ Several days of play time
⭐️ Statistics: Learn about the decisions other players made at the end of each day*
⭐️ Considered as a must buy for fans of Lifeline, Telltale and other chat text story games!

*for this feature an internet connection is necessary

Dead City has its own Facebook Page now! Don’t miss out any information on Sam in the future! Should Dead City get an update (or a sequel!), you'll be the first to know! 🥳

The ads (when Sam is away) are rather annoying, indeed, but the storyline via messaging is enthralling. Love it!
Nhã Thân
OMG...that was wonderful game and story...don't know why I want to cry...I really made a connection with Sam and don't want it to end...thank you for this brilliant experience :)
mohanna mpr
Loved the game! I just hope Sam is O.K. I really have to buy the paid version its probably has a better ending then leaving us HANGING and what about the little girl?
Jen Kronenberger