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About Blackout Age - Map Based Postapo Survival Craft

The survival Blackout Age is set in a postapo world generated on a real map. Player can start from his real GPS position but it is possible to play without geolocation since pandemia :)
In this top geo survival game, the player takes care about the Shelter, hunt the wild Aliens, craft Weapons and virtually participate in GPS Missions on the map generated in the Real Cites. Blackout Age is a story driven Role-Play Adventure in a Mixed Reality.

The player lead group of scavengers who Scavenge buildings for loot and resources, care about other Survivors and the fight against Aliens who spreads like a Virus on the Earth after global Blackout.

Blackout Age world, our World, is full of unique intruders from the whole Galaxy who came from the far Planets and invaded the Earth through the Stream of World system: sci-fi technology designed for interstellar conquers by the ancient Civilization.

Hardcore fans will have plenty to do in this tactical and realistic survival game. They not only scavenge their own home but they are checking real map for unique spots in the neighborhood.

They can also travel or teleport to the other Cities and Countries. All our Planet is playable!!!
So yes iit is possible to scavenge Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, Beijing, Berlin, Sydney, Dubaj, Chicago, Rome and over 30000 other cities with every Company, Servis or a House.

This is very important because. Police spawn guns, Hospital gives MEDs, local Shops bring Food, real Forest provides wood, Gas Station looting fuel, Kindergarten gives toys.
For our players we a have a real map sandbox, Survival State with millions of different buildings, ready for scavenging or placing shelter.

Unique Features

It is Last Day for the Human Race and we have to fight with aliens across the globe - Each player Lead Shelter and Scavengers to greatness and fights until the Last Man Standing. Players are competing on the one from over 3500 different leaderboards. In our country, Great Britain we have different leaderboards for players in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Nottingham, Newcastle and much more.

Every real building in our game is available for Scavenge. The player can move into reality and start scavenging from his gps mobile position.
The player can build upgrades, facilities inside the shelter. It is also possible to craft unique alien weapons in Zombie Survival Style and all need Survival Equipment. Players can also construct buildings in their own city or country!

You can attack your enemies from a distance, defend at close quarters, increase Scouting or Scavenging Skills or other 7 skills. Did you know that your Hero can be ex. Game Designer, Taxi-driver, Bitcoin Miner, Zombie Killer or a Politician? We have 900+ different professions! Your hero have a unique approach to the world and can be for example Sarcastic or Aggressive?

You have to be very careful - this is war, real war, wild and brutal. Your Heroes have died for ever! So choose wisely before you should start the battle or when you should escape, to avoid a situation that it will be the last day on earth for them.

Players can virtually visit and looting real buildings like London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The Shard, Windsor Castle, Lincoln Cathedral, Lloyd’s Building and more. For most famous buildings we prepared even pictures for more immersive gameplay!

To be ready in this state of survival you have to fulfill many missions to understand what really happen! How Hoppers tribe would like to spread Epidemy to kill all the people. How Crabbers are overtaking each next planet by using biological DNA manipulations. How Demons are killing people and why they are doing this?!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Blackout Age?

Blackout Age is a map-based post-apocalyptic survival craft game set in a real-world map. Players can start from their real GPS position or play without geolocation.

What is the objective of Blackout Age?

The objective of Blackout Age is to survive in a post-apocalyptic world by taking care of a shelter, hunting aliens, crafting weapons, and participating in GPS missions on the map.

Can I play Blackout Age without using geolocation?

Yes, it is possible to play Blackout Age without geolocation since the pandemic.

What is the setting of Blackout Age?

The setting of Blackout Age is a post-apocalyptic world where aliens have invaded Earth after a global blackout.

What can players do in Blackout Age?

In Blackout Age, players can scavenge buildings for loot and resources, take care of other survivors, and fight against the alien invaders.

Can players travel to different cities and countries in Blackout Age?

Yes, players can travel or teleport to different cities and countries, including Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, Beijing, and many others.

What resources can players find in different locations?

Players can find resources such as guns from police spawns, meds from hospitals, food from local shops, wood from real forests, fuel from gas stations, and toys from kindergartens.

What unique features does Blackout Age offer?

Blackout Age offers a worldwide war against aliens, a post-apocalypse on a real map, crafting and survival mechanics, advanced heroes with unique professions and skills, strategic gameplay with permanent consequences, and mixed reality experiences.

Can players visit and loot real-world buildings in Blackout Age?

Yes, players can virtually visit and loot real-world buildings like London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and more in Blackout Age.

What can players expect in terms of missions and storyline in Blackout Age?

Players can expect to fulfill missions to uncover the truth behind the epidemic spread by the Hoppers tribe, the planetary conquests of the Crabbers, and the killings by the Demons.
New gameplay and it's fun to play ...keep up the good work n hope for more update...thanks
Best game really enjoyable.
Prateek Mahajan
Amazing concept, love that I can salvage my University and set up a safehouse there lol.
Jan K
I am intrigued. I want to see how the story plays out.
Patrick Cox
Good, combat can seem a little drawn out if you're too careful
Zak Sergent
Great game!
Zakariah Reaves