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About Let’s Survive - Survival in zombie apocalypse

This is a world full of ash, fear, zombies, mutants, and thugs. A world in which only the strongest and the fittest survive. It's a world of shooter, survival, building, crafting, and action!

Survive the post apocalypse is difficult, but you can definitely do it! Look for resources and items, craft weapons, fortify your shelter, kill zombies and bosses. Monitor your health, thirst, hunger, and disease levels. Complete quests and join fractions.

Features of our survival zombies game:

- Hundreds of recipes for weapons, armor, survival items
- Quests and events crossing the saga
- Vehicles that facilitate movement across locations
- Building of fortifications, barricades, and shelters
- Scales of hunger, thirst, sleep, health, radiation levels, and mental state
- Various factions of survivors
- Play survival offline
- Vast locations with bosses

What will you do in survival games:

Oddly enough, survive
Survive after the tragedy is not easy. You constantly need to monitor many indicators of the character's life: hunger, thirst, health, radiation levels, etc. Don't let your character starve and sick for a long time! Plus, you must constantly be on the alert on the dawn, since hungry zombies can appear anywhere during the apocalypse games.

Crafting and building
In the apocalypse, where the days are long, the nights are dark, strong walls and good weapons save from enemies. Therefore, it is simply necessary to build a fortified shelter and create as many weapons as possible (and there are a lot of them in the zombie survival game).

Search resources... a lot of resources
An ordinary survival simulator is a constant search and collection of items and resources. And zombie survival is also the danger of being bitten, if not eaten, while searching. So don't forget to take your weapon with you or it will be your last day on this inhospitable Earth.

Complete quests and participate in events
In the process of passing the zombie apocalypse survival games, you will be able to complete quests that will bring you additional resources, currency, and useful items. For example, you need to hold out for a day in a certain location (conditionally point Z, A, R, etc).

Chat with other survivors
What is survivor game without factions? Our new zombie game has a whole system of different factions that you can join and receive bonuses. Left the loneliness! It’s time to survive together.

Fight bosses
Survival is further complicated by the presence of strong bosses. Destroy them if you want to get delivery with rare and rich loot. Watch out, stalker! Zombies are ready to attack! Get ready for the pain.

Drive vehicles
Our free survival game has cars, boats, and other vehicles that will help you get around faster from place to place. And it’s so funny to crush zombies in the city or forest! The main thing is that the tank is full.

This is my war. This is a city of mine. And I will fight for it!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are the features of the survival zombies game?

The game features hundreds of recipes for weapons, armor, and survival items, quests and events, vehicles for easier movement, building fortifications and shelters, hunger, thirst, sleep, health, radiation levels, and mental state scales, various factions of survivors, offline gameplay, and vast locations with bosses.

What can I do in survival games?

In survival games, your main goal is to survive. You need to monitor important indicators such as hunger, thirst, health, and radiation levels. Crafting and building strong walls and weapons are essential for protection against enemies. You must search for resources, but be cautious of zombies. Completing quests and participating in events will bring you additional resources and useful items. You can also chat with other survivors and join factions. Additionally, fighting bosses and driving vehicles are part of the gameplay.

How can I survive in the zombie apocalypse?

To survive in the zombie apocalypse, you need to monitor your character's indicators like hunger, thirst, and health. Building a fortified shelter and creating various weapons are crucial for protection. Search for resources while staying alert for zombie attacks. Completing quests will bring additional resources and items. Additionally, joining factions and fighting bosses can help you survive. Using vehicles can also be beneficial for faster movement.