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About Subconsciously: Self Hypnosis For Self-Discovery

Subconsciously™ - From the leading hypnotherapy practitioner in the world, Aaron Surtees.

As seen on: BBC, Women's Health, Cosmopolitan, The Evening Standard, GQ, Esquire, and many more!

Subconsciously is the #1 app for self-hypnotherapy, crafted by industry-leading experts, designed to help you on your journey towards self-improvement.

The average Subconsciously user feels 91-98% SUCCESSFUL with meeting their goals!

Tailored For You

With a library of constantly updated sessions, Subconsciously offers hypno sessions that will help you eliminate specific issues you may face and will help you become a better version of yourself.

Take a quiz at the start of your Subconsciously experience & you'll automatically receive the treatments that are right for you.

Perfect for:

• Mindfulness & Self-Discovery
• Deep Sleep & Relaxation
• Calming Anxiety
• Managing Stress
• Exploding Personal Confidence
• Focus & Concentration
• Breaking Habits
• Happiness
• Self-Esteem
• Anger Management
• Manifestation

Track mood & progress

You'll be able to see a visual representation of your progress in your Progress Channel. We'll ask you how you're doing on a daily basis so the evidence of your self-improvement can easily be monitored!

From here, Subconsciously deploys modern hypno techniques to improve focus, concentration, mindfulness, mood, and so much more recommended just for you.

Improve your sleep

One of the popular uses of hypnotherapy is to help with sleep and lull you into a state of deep relaxation. Prepare to enter the REM sleep of your dreams.

With Subconsciously, you have access to sessions that offer you practical solutions in your quest to solve your sleep problems.

Solve personal issues & phobias

Hypnosis isn't just for sleeping. Modern techniques can be deployed to do some truly incredible things like treat complex personal issues such as:

• Flying phobias
• Boosting confidence
• Anxiety management
• Sugar addiction
• Erectile dysfunction
• Nail biting
• Getting over your ex
• And so much more!

Hypnosis sessions available offline

Download your favorite sessions and readily access self hypnosis treatments whenever and wherever you'd like.

Try self-hypnosis with the scientifically proven Subconsciously app & achieve new levels of personal growth & mindfulness today!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Subconsciously?

Subconsciously is a self-hypnotherapy app designed to help users on their journey towards self-improvement. It offers hypno sessions crafted by industry-leading experts to help eliminate specific issues and become a better version of oneself.

How successful are users with meeting their goals with Subconsciously?

The average Subconsciously user feels 91-98% successful with meeting their goals.

What issues can Subconsciously help with?

Subconsciously can help with mindfulness, self-discovery, deep sleep, relaxation, calming anxiety, managing stress, personal confidence, focus, concentration, breaking habits, happiness, self-esteem, anger management, and manifestation.

Can I track my progress with Subconsciously?

Yes, Subconsciously allows you to track your progress through the Progress Channel. You can see a visual representation of your progress and monitor your self-improvement.

Can Subconsciously help with sleep problems?

Yes, Subconsciously offers sessions to help improve sleep and induce a state of deep relaxation. It can assist with solving sleep problems and helping you achieve the sleep of your dreams.

What personal issues and phobias can Subconsciously help solve?

Subconsciously can help with personal issues and phobias such as flying phobias, boosting confidence, anxiety management, sugar addiction, erectile dysfunction, nail biting, getting over your ex, and more.

Can I access Subconsciously sessions offline?

Yes, you can download your favorite sessions and access self-hypnosis treatments offline whenever and wherever you'd like.

Are there any privacy policies and terms of service?

Yes, Subconsciously has a privacy policy ( and terms of service ( that you can refer to for more information.
Very professional and very effective. I relax very deeply to Aaron’s very hypnotic voice! My health anxiety issues have been reduced massively during the 6 weeks I’ve been using the app, my confidence levels...
Wayne Cutforth