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About Counos Bitcoin Wallet

Counos Mobile Wallet is an app for Android and iOS devices which enables users to send, receive, and store cryptocurrencies simply and securely. Counos Wallet supports Touch ID to secure it from unauthorized access and has second password to secure payments.

The way it works is very simple; you register in the app, receive your address for different supported coins and you can share it; or you can simply withdraw from your balance and send it for your business party through scanning the QR code or typing in the cryptocurrency address.

Supported Cryptocurrencies & Stablecoins:
• Counos X
• Counos Coin
• Counos Gold
• Counos Cash
• Counos Silver
• Counos E
• Counos C
• Counos U
• Bitcoin
• Bitcoin Cash
• Ethereum
• Tether
• Litecoin
• Dash
• Daric Coin

* Enable users to engage in crypto transactions safely and securely
* Comprehensive crypto wallet that can help users send, receive, and store cryptocurrencies and stablecoins easily
* Wide variety of well-known and major cryptocurrencies

* Using this crypto wallet, users will be able to make transactions with different cryptocurrencies in a very straightforward and quick fashion. You can also navigate through the different parts of the wallet with high speed and check your portfolio, different coins, etc. swimmingly.

* Perhaps the strongest feature of Counos Mobile Wallet is its incredibly high security. To achieve this high level of security, numerous safety features have been considered for this crypto wallet. In addition to the traditional password, users can pick a second password in order to enter when making transactions. In addition users can enable two factor authentication using Google Authenticator, and again, they will be required to enter the code when making any transaction. Among other security measures are the email confirmation feature, which requires an email confirmation for sensitive actions in the wallet, in addition to Face ID and Touch ID to enter the wallet.

* One of the priorities of Counos Mobile Wallet has been users’ privacy, and through many safety and security measures that have been put in place, the privacy of users is guarded heavily. Users’ assets and personal information are protected and as such an environment has been created for them to engage in crypto transactions with ease of mind.

How to use the wallet (install and log in):

1.Install Application
After install, you will need an email address with which you can register in the app.

Tap on Create New Account. Then you will be redirected to another page and in there you will submit the required information, read the rules of Counos Platform and after accepting them tap NEXT.
After accepting, you will be redirected to submit your information and make sure to get a copy of them because you will need these information and passwords in the future.

* In the first part, enter a valid email address.
* In the second part, choose the first password (to enter the app)
* In the third part, choose the second password (for transactions) and keep in mind that the first and second passwords should not be the same

After submitting the required information, an email will be sent to you that you need to verify. After verifying the email from Counos Platform, you can enter your account.

Put your email in the first part and your first password after that and tap LOG IN.

Visit our website to read more about our crypto wallet and also check the user guide:

Learn more about Counos Coins :

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Nice project
Amit Singh
This is an awesome App. It has every future needed and even more. Making life easier for me. Highly recommended.
Oluseyi A
eva jaya