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About 3D Spasticity

Experience affected anatomy for Focal Spasticity like never before with the 3D Spasticity App. Using augmented reality, the 3D Spasticity App brings your Focal Spasticity Workbook* to life, enabling you to interact with spasticity postures and involved muscles. Just scan an affected anatomy posture from the workbook and you can:
• Rotate postures 360°, viewing them from all angles
• Visualize previously hidden muscles using the muscle depth function
• Fine-tune limb positioning to more accurately match unique patient presentation
• View details regarding functional anatomy, localization, and clinical considerations for select muscles

*The Focal Spasticity Workbook is only available through Allergan. Please contact your representative for details. The 3D Spasticity App is compatible with workbooks printed in 2018 or later. Check with your Allergan representative to see if your workbook is compatible.

Note: The information in this app is intended for medical professionals only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional medical training or advice.

BNO125935 09/19