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About PLINK - Connecting Gamers

Find your supreme​ teammates​, communicate, squad up, rush the top!

Plink is a social platform for ​gamers where you can find skilled teammates, discuss the winning strategy and beat others together with your mates. No matter if you are looking for PSN community or prefer to play on XBOX or PC, smart matchmaking algorithm will connect you with perfect buddies. Leave messages in the gaming chat room, organise a ​voice call and check game stats together, isn’t is the basis for the best strategising?

Search system
We brought this function to a brand new level. Neural network allows you to find supreme teammates at your favorite games. Search system considers all your needs and requirements concerning gaming skill.

Tired of low-quality connection, regular disconnects and as a result – lost game session? We solved these issues and invented a brand new​ gaming discussion. High quality voice chats, group conversations, private messages – Plink got it all! Feel free to use either mobile or desktop version – there are no limits for you.

MMORPG or FPS? Stop pester each other with questions! Be in touch with favorite genres and available games of your teammates. Track any player’s statistic in any game – no more "Rabbits killed – 12 pcs" or "Lesser Wisdom potion consumed – 27 pcs". The most reliable gaming stats tracker ​that counts particular aspects of each specific game! Thanks to the active ​gaming status​ it’s gonna be clear for you who is "REAL NEWB" or "REAL PRO"...just like you ;)

Could kill imbalanced monster alone but your friends just don’t believe you? Your eye catches NPC stuck with head in a tree and wanna post that right away? No more issues! Screenshot the most striking game moments and share them via newsfeed! All your screenshots gathered in one place so you can post them with comment anytime! Moreover, your friends check your results via ​game stats tracker just by clicking the headline.

Launched applications make your "frames per second" lower and lower? Enough! Stop burdening your PC with needless processes – Plink desktop version won’t eat your CPU power working "silently" in a background mode allowing you to control all the main features with phone.

Gamers Community
Are you a fan of shooter games? Join the discussions about Warface, Destiny 2, CSGO, Overwatch, Paladins ​and other. For those who enjoy Battle Royale Games, we built communities for Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, Apex Legends, Clash Royale gamers. World of Tanks, World of Warcraft chats will give you a taste of real war and if you want a change. Build your defences, protect your force and attack the enemies with teams who play ​Clash of Clans, League of Legends (lol), Dota 2. Plink platform offers the diversity of the most popular video games of 2019.

Come join our chat for gamers, find new friends and step up in your game!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Plink?

Plink is a social platform for gamers where you can find skilled teammates, discuss winning strategies, and play games together.

How does the search system work on Plink?

The search system on Plink uses a neural network to match you with supreme teammates based on your gaming needs and requirements.

What features does Plink's chat offer?

Plink's chat features high-quality voice chats, group conversations, and private messages, allowing you to communicate with your teammates effectively.

What can I track on my profile on Plink?

On your Plink profile, you can track your favorite genres, available games, and specific gaming stats for each game you play.

How does the newsfeed feature work on Plink?

The newsfeed on Plink allows you to share screenshots of your game moments with captions, and your friends can view your results via the game stats tracker.

How does the Plink desktop version benefit my PC's performance?

The Plink desktop version works "silently" in the background, minimizing CPU usage and allowing you to control all the main features using your phone.

What communities are available on Plink for gamers?

Plink offers communities for various popular video games, including shooter games like Warface, Destiny 2, CSGO, Overwatch, Paladins, as well as Battle Royale games like Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, and Apex Legends.

How can I join Plink and connect with other gamers?

You can join Plink by creating an account and join the chat for gamers to find new friends and improve your gaming skills.
A8nu8 R
For me, this app is excellent for communication and sharing gaming achievements with friends. I don’t search for new teammates, but it’s great it has such function, so I can use it in a case of need.
I’ve downloaded the app because of the stats for Brawl Stars. It was the only thing I need. But when I start using it, I’ve found out it has many interesting functions. Now I use it every day and most of all...
Shynar Tungatarova
Great app for teammates finding! Thank you developers for Plink
Aleksandr Markov-Tsoi
Generally, it’s a great app with many awesome functions, but I’d like to see more stats for mobile games.
Илья Борейко
I like this app! Plink has everything I need - gamers finder, communication tools, and gaming news feed. I’ve never seen such a combination of function before! Thank you Plink’s team for such app!
Виктория Тищенко