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About Stash - Game Collection Tracker

What's Stash?

Wondered how to keep track of your gaming experiences?
Now you have opportunity to easily discover and organize video games collection and wishlist!

Well, our crew is competing with each other for ages. Grab your gamepad, keyboard, or whatever and join us in the most savage social network for gamers.

Stash is primarily an application for gamers. Manage and organize the games you played or your wishlist, set alerts for new releases and compete for the most impressive gaming collection among thousands of other gamers.

You can find games for different platforms. For example: Playstation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, retro consoles and another. Also we added games from Google Stadia platform.
The application contains lists of games:
- most anticipated games
- latest game releases
- upcoming games
- popular games
- top rated games
- game series
- addons(dlcs) for games

Also you can watch games trailers, view screenshots, check game rating and read information about game.

Play: Discover the latest and most iconic games in the largest gaming database.
Track: Keep track of the games you want to play later and watch out for big releases.
Collect: Mark the ones you finished and create a collection worth being proud of.

What’s Under The Hood
We keep your whole gaming history at your fingertips, and here’s how.

👉 Discover Games!
Access the largest gaming database with more than 120k+ games available to review and add to your collections. You can find any game you know in this huge catalogue!

👉 Manage Collections!
Let everyone know what games you’ve played and what’s next on your list with our collections system.

👉 Leave Reviews!
Share your thoughts on the game you’ve played to improve our suggestions system and mark up your favourites. Rate video games to give suggestion to other users!

👉 Dominate Leaderboard!
Join the fight of the most badass gamers and climb up our leaderboard to show what you’re worth.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Stash?

Stash is a game collection tracker application that allows you to discover, organize, and manage your video games collection and wishlist.

Can I find games for different platforms on Stash?

Yes, you can find games for various platforms such as Playstation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch, retro consoles, and Google Stadia on Stash.

What kind of lists of games does Stash provide?

Stash provides lists of games including most anticipated games, latest game releases, upcoming games, popular games, top rated games, game series, and addons (dlcs) for games.

What can I do with Stash?

With Stash, you can discover the latest and most iconic games, track the games you want to play later, watch out for big releases, mark the games you've finished, and create a collection worth being proud of.

How many games are available in the Stash database?

The Stash database has over 120,000 games available for review and addition to your collections.

Can I leave reviews for the games I've played on Stash?

Yes, you can leave reviews for the games you've played on Stash to improve the suggestions system and share your thoughts with other users.

Is there a leaderboard on Stash?

Yes, Stash has a leaderboard where you can compete with other gamers and climb up to show your gaming skills.
I love everything about this app and it makes it so much easier to track and organize my games. Hope this app remains available for a long time to come!
Wade Hill
hive me grand theft auto in free
Priti Patil
Love It, it's like IMDB but for Games 😀 You can track your progress and so much more 😏
Aleksandar Krastev
Great app. Super essential for gaming.
Eduardo Rodriguez
User friendly, nice interface and no bugs so far. Exactly the kind of app I was looking for. Its basically the MAL of video games
Rajid Hussain
I've never went out of my way to review an app before but I'm just so very impressed woth this, perfect for what I'm looking for, easy to use plenty of options, and still room for improvement (which i really...
Matthew Ayala