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About Razer Cortex Games

Razer Cortex Games offers exciting features for mobile gamers to maximize gameplay.

Paid to Play* – earn Razer Silver** daily for playing Paid to Play games in Razer Cortex Games. Then cash in sweet Razer merchandise and partner discounts/goods. You can earn Razer Silver** every day just by visiting and tapping Daily Loot!

We rotate our games often so you can maximize your Razer Silver rewards.

Featured Games – Discover and enjoy the freshest new games personally selected by Razer. Score in-game rewards with our valued gaming partners. Razer Phone owners also get access to 120hz games that support 120Hz UltraMotion gaming.

Library – Quickly and efficiently launch your games from one place. Set posters for recent and add to your Favorites for quick access to the games you love.

Analyzer –Now you can show off your gamer cred with our top charts based on your weekly, monthly, and year’s top games. Shooting mobs or making matches, optimize your phone by turning on Gaming Mode and play undisturbed. Don’t forget to turn on Frames Per Second (FPS) to let you know your phone’s peak performance!

Make Razer Cortex Games your one-stop-shop for getting the very best out of your mobile gaming experience.

* To claim Razer Silver on Paid to Play, you must sign in with an existing Razer ID. To create a new Razer ID, please visit

** Razer Silver earned can be utilized to redeem for Razer products, discount vouchers, games, subscriptions, and more Check our full terms & conditions to see your eligibility for redemption.

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