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About BetMe

Betme is where you can connect with others just like you and put
your gaming skills to the ultimate test. Where you can team up with friends and be the best at your favorite console and mobile games while having a great time.
Where you can experience the thrill and excitement of the e-sports feeling to from the comfort of your home.
Where your passion for games is rewarded and supported.
Where you can become famous thanks to your skills by playing your favorite games.

Make friends while following the gaming world trends by being a part of the
generation of gaming communities. We know you are passionate about your
favorite games and we would like to give you a platform where you can share that passion with others just like you.
Connect and cheer
Play solo or team up with your friend and wage war versus various vicious warriors.
All your favorites in one place
15+ console and mobile games with an ever-growing lineup, all you need is to sign up.
Social and Live events
Meet up with big teams to fight big battles, show off big plays and share big

1. Connect and compete
Meet up with passionate gamers just like you and challenge each other through playing your favorite games. Show off how good you are on your own or as a team of friends. Try being the best of the best.
2. Skill based matchmaking
Compete against players at your own skill level without worrying. This is all thanks to our industry leading matchmaking system. It is important to us that you have a
both challenging and fair game.
3. Ranking system
A single global leaderboard for cross platforms and multiple game genres in one.
The ultimate way to show everyone else how good you really are. Track your stats so you can get better at the game.
4. Custom lobbies
Team up with you friends and start playing after just a few simple steps. Lobbies are a great way to make sure you as a team remain in one group and improves your chances of winning against others.
5.Game Engine
Industry best anti cheat system for detecting cheaters and unfair players. Making that all games are safe and secure from people trying to ruin your fun. Anyone using cheats or unfair means will be penalized.
6. Tokens & Achievements
Everything you do is valuable. Take part in daily and weekly activities for tokens and achievement. Not everything is about skill, dedication matters too. We are here to reward you for it with special gifts.
7. Social community
Stay up to date with the latest news and events happening in the gaming world.
Become part of the next generation of e-Sport Community for passionate gamers.
Share your passion with everyone else to see.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is BetMe?

BetMe is a platform where gamers can connect with others and compete in their favorite console and mobile games. It allows players to team up with friends and experience the excitement of e-sports from the comfort of their own homes.

How can I meet other gamers on BetMe?

BetMe allows you to connect with passionate gamers just like you. You can meet others by joining gaming communities and participating in social and live events.

What games are available on BetMe?

BetMe offers a selection of over 15 console and mobile games, with an ever-growing lineup. Simply sign up to access all your favorite games in one place.

How does the matchmaking system work on BetMe?

BetMe's skill-based matchmaking system ensures that you compete against players at your own skill level. This allows for both challenging and fair gameplay.

Is there a ranking system on BetMe?

Yes, BetMe has a single global leaderboard for cross platforms and multiple game genres. This ranking system allows you to show off your skills and track your progress.

Can I play with my friends on BetMe?

Absolutely! BetMe offers custom lobbies where you can team up with your friends and start playing together. This improves your chances of winning against other players.

How does BetMe ensure fair gameplay?

BetMe has an industry-leading anti-cheat system that detects cheaters and unfair players. This ensures that all games on the platform are safe and secure, and those using cheats or unfair means will be penalized.

Are there any rewards on BetMe?

Yes, BetMe rewards players for their dedication and achievements. By participating in daily and weekly activities, you can earn tokens and achievements. These rewards are designed to recognize both skill and dedication.

Can I stay updated with the latest gaming news on BetMe?

Absolutely! BetMe offers a social community where you can stay up to date with the latest news and events happening in the gaming world. It allows you to share your passion with other gamers.
Best app ever! Finally I can enjoy gaming with my friends.
Máté Albrecht