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About Typing Hero ⚡ Text Expander ⚡ Auto-text

Typing HeroText Expander helps you to type lesser and write faster with perfect accuracy, while still using your favorite keyboard. It will also help you to save time, and avoid injuries caused by excessive typing.

Typing HeroText Expander is a high quality text expander app that helps you expand your own keyword to any lengthy text you want in an instant.

You can create unlimited short keyword that can expand into lengthy text, e.g., URLs, phone numbers, addresses, complex medical terms, current date, current time, and many more. For example, you can create short keyword thwww that expands into

With simplicity as its core principle, Typing HeroText Expander is a super lean and super efficient app, that works with almost zero configuration.


Most basic features are free, and will continue to stay free, without ads, limitation, or annoyance.

⚡ Unlimited Snippet (pair of keyword and text)
⚡ Automatic expansion -
⚡ Triggered expansion -
⚡ Snippet suggestion as you type -
⚡ Undo text expansion using Delete/Backspace -
⚡ Letter case sensitivity -
⚡ Search -
⚡ Export, Import -
⚡ Import from CSV file -
⚡ Import "Phrases" from Texpand -
⚡ Translation: English, Indonesian, Spanish (Beatriz Villanueva Molina, Joel Israel Garcia), Italian (Gabriele D'Ettorre), German (Rainer Lang, Steffen Trog), Hindi (Sangam Panda), French (Enzo), Chinese (Zero), Russian (Max Sergeyenko), Turkish (Ross), Marathi (💞Rushikesh💞)
⚡ Helpful Telegram community -


To ensure continuous development of Typing HeroText Expander, features focuses on convenience and further efficiency are only available for Premium users through monthly or annual subscription.

⚡ Dark theme -
⚡ Snippet Copier -
⚡ Date & Time Transformer -
⚡ More to come


Typing HeroText Expander respects your privacy. Read the super simple privacy policy at before installing and using it!

Typing HeroText Expander is not compatible with some apps; the incomplete list is at However, the Premium feature Snippet Copier helps increase your efficiency when using those apps. Read how to use it at

Battery optimization and third party battery saver apps can prevent Typing HeroText Expander from doing its job properly. Please follow the instructions on how to properly configure your device at

Typing HeroText Expander is not a replacement for a good password manager app. Read the Security section at to understand why.

Feel free to send any feedback, suggestion, constructive criticism, bug report, or feature request to [email protected].

🇮🇩 Made in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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This is a brilliant app. Sometimes I show it off as a magic app. Works perfectly 👍😊
Vikash Singh
Your app is really good, I need such for my Windows to be used with WhatsApp Web; how can we use it?
Upix Inc.
Good service
Health Core Values
Its solved all my problems
Mɸhʎɱɱeɖ Prø
Its Great in roblox I love it!!!!
Isma Mehdi
Love the app, found out about it from a YouTuber, makes typing easier and faster.
Taviest Jeffreys