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About Simple Keyboard

This keyboard is created for those who only need a keyboard and nothing more.

To enable the keyboard:
* Open "Simple Keyboard" from your launcher
* Enable the Simple Keyboard (default system warning will be shown)
* Switch to Simple Keyboard from current Input Method (differs between keyboards, usually long-press space)
* To edit Simple Keyboard settings long-press "," or open system Settings, Languages & Input, Simple Keyboard.
* You can enable/disable all the input methods in Settings, Languages & Input, Manage Keyboards (differs between phones)

* Small size (<1MB)
* Adjustable keyboard height for more screen space
* Number row
* Swipe space to move pointer
* Delete swipe
* Custom theme colors
* Minimal permissions (only Vibrate)
* Ads-free

Feature it doesn't have and probably will never have:
* Emojis
* GIFs
* Spell checker
* Swipe typing

Application is open-source (link in the bottom of store page). Licensed under Apache License Version 2.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do I enable the Simple Keyboard?

To enable the Simple Keyboard, open "Simple Keyboard" from your launcher and enable it in the system settings or long-press the spacebar to switch to Simple Keyboard.

Can I customize the Simple Keyboard?

Yes, you can customize the Simple Keyboard by long-pressing the comma key or accessing the settings through the system settings (Settings, Languages & Input, Simple Keyboard).

What are the features of the Simple Keyboard?

The Simple Keyboard has a small size (<1MB), adjustable keyboard height, a number row, swipe space to move the pointer, delete swipe, custom theme colors, minimal permissions (only Vibrate), and is ads-free.

What features does the Simple Keyboard not have?

The Simple Keyboard does not have emojis, GIFs, a spell checker, or swipe typing.

Is the Simple Keyboard open-source?

Yes, the Simple Keyboard is open-source. You can find the link at the bottom of the store page. It is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.
Wow wow wow !!!!that is amazing thanks for making this app
Mampi Debnath
My favorite and only keyboard Im using. Though I miss the emoji option because I have to switch keyboards to type and emoji. But other than that I really like it!
Excellent for such a simple, lightweight app. Unreasonable requests: Please add emojis, then maybe swipe typing. More reasonable request: Can a toggle to disable the language name on the space bar be added? ...
Andrew Kent
ممتاز , perfect
best keyboard, would be nice to have emojis but i imagine the app wouldn't be as light otherwise
A Guy
Very good doesn't require any permission
vikash kumar ravidas