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About Clipboard Actions & Notes

Clipboard Actions creates actions based on your copied text shows them in the status bar as notification or in a nice list in the App, where you can manage your clips.
🌟 Android 10 compatible 🌟
🌟 No Ads, No Freemium, just donations 🌟

🌟 Chat on WhatsApp without adding the phone number to your contacts
🌟 Share images / videos: Download and share images and videos with just one touch
🌟 Jump to previous clipboard entries! Or manage all Clips in a nice material designed List!
🌟 Speak out Clips: Listen to your copied items, for convenience or for pronunciation
🌟 Link Shortener: Shorten Links with with one click!
🌟 QR Code: Copy any text and create a QR code to share it directly
🌟 Define: Define a word right in the notification bar
🌟 Currency Conversion: Convert any currency to any other, by using google
🌟 Share: Any copied content can be shared by clicking on the notification
🌟 Open Link: When detecting a link open it in the browser.
🌟 Search: Search the copied text on google.
🌟 Show on map: Copy an address an jump directly to the map!
🌟Translate: The translate action jumps right to Google translate and uses your preferred language.
🌟 Email to: Filter email address and start to compose a new mail with the found address.
🌟 Call: Filter a phone number and call it.
🌟 Create a contact with email or phone number with one click
🌟 Import and Export of your data to CSV (can be used in Excel)

It is comparable with Clipper, Paste+ or Clip Stack, in a sense that it runs in the background and
has a very light service (consumes no battery) and reacts on copy actions.
Clipboard Actions can be combined with other Clipboard managers.

Permission: In app purchase (
Explanation: Clipboard Actions should stay free of charge and Ads which is why we are asking for some donations this is done by using in app purchase.

Permission: run at startup (android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED)
Explanation: We use this permission to start the service when your device starts and
we can run the background service if it is enabled.

Permission: prevent phone from sleeping (android.permission.WAKE_LOCK)
Explanation: We need this to make sure that the background service will be started and not killed while starting. But the service it self does not consume any battery.

Permission: internet
Explanation: Needed to query external resources like Wikipedia or a dictionary.

This is a iterative project.
New features will be added soon.
If you like the project, please give me 5 Stars and comment with a feature requests, or even better
got to the github project, report issues and feature requests.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Clipboard Actions?

Clipboard Actions is an app that creates actions based on your copied text and allows you to manage them.

What features does Clipboard Actions have?

Clipboard Actions has features such as chat on WhatsApp without adding phone numbers to contacts, sharing images/videos with one touch, jumping to previous clipboard entries, speaking out clips, link shortening, creating QR codes, defining words, currency conversion, sharing copied content, opening links in browser, searching the copied text on Google, showing addresses on maps, translating text with Google Translate, filtering email addresses and making calls, importing and exporting data to CSV.

Is Clipboard Actions compatible with Android 10?

Yes, Clipboard Actions is compatible with Android 10.

Are there any ads in Clipboard Actions?

No, Clipboard Actions does not have any ads. It relies on donations instead.

What permissions does Clipboard Actions require?

Clipboard Actions requires permissions for in-app purchase, running at startup, preventing the phone from sleeping, and internet access.
This is a great app with alot of features & NO ads. Love it!
Lisa S
All the best
Sanjay Jaiswal
Awsome app so far... Tons of features, some i would have never even thought to have in conjunction with my clip board but that make things so much easier and more convenient. Super productivity app if i coul...
Jack Riley
Love it
Iliesa Vula Toro
Please provide an option to turn off label, it wrongly labelled one item as phone for the sentence which contained the word "phone".
Isaac G Selwin
Love it!
Π—ΠΌΠ°Ρ˜ Брпски