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About Password Manager - Password Cloud

This app allows you to manage everything you need to keep secret: Password, Codes, Contacts, etc.

AES 256-bit encryption method was used, this is the most modern technology .

By automatic sync, you'll have all your passwords on all your Android devices and computer Windows, Linux and Mac

Download FREE desktop version:

➤ Access with fingerprint
➤ Sync with Google Drive and DropBox
➤ Desktop App (Windows, Mac & Linux)
➤ Password security analysis
➤ Password Generator
➤ Advanced search function
➤ Change app colors
➤ Automatic restore
➤ Auto lock
➤ Tablet Support
➤ Add your own custom icons
➤ Attach pictures and photographs, they will be encrypted and will be visible only within the application
➤ Add new categories
➤ Add new fields
➤ Export your password to PDF
➤ Material design
➤ Android Wear
➤ Automatic backup
..and many more

Automatic synchronization lets you always have a backup of your passwords on a Cloud (
Also, with the same account, you can see your passwords in real time on all of your Android devices and Windows, Mac & Linux

Fingerprint access is an additional security method if you have a fingerprint and if your phone is compatible.

Within the app, a password generator is available, indicating the password security level. Also with the password generator you can check the password security you already have.

When you save a new password or other, you have the choice of over 110 icons, or easily insert your custom icon, which you can select from your phone's gallery or take a photo directly.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can I manage with the Password Manager - Password Cloud app?

You can manage passwords, codes, contacts, and more.

What encryption method was used in the app?

AES 256-bit encryption method was used, which is the most modern technology.

Which platforms is the app available for?

The app is available for Android devices, Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.

Can I access the app using my fingerprint?

Yes, you can access the app with fingerprint if your phone is compatible.

Can I sync my passwords with Google Drive and Dropbox?

Yes, you can sync your passwords with Google Drive and Dropbox.

Can I generate secure passwords with the app?

Yes, there is a password generator available within the app.

Can I customize the app with my own icons?

Yes, you can choose from over 110 icons or insert your own custom icon.

Can I export my passwords to PDF?

Yes, you can export your passwords to PDF.

Can I attach pictures and photographs to my passwords?

Yes, you can attach pictures and photographs, which will be encrypted and visible only within the application.

Does the app automatically backup my passwords?

Yes, the app has an automatic backup feature.
perfect app
murad Abu Bakar
Great app for its intended use. Easy to use.
Bill Calligan
I use this app multiple times every day. It makes my life easier and enhances my security online! I'm glad that the desktop app as well as the Android app are free.
Vikrant Hayer
Very good concept I think. I always think that I have to store my password in a password manager like this. It has cloud sync and it has very strong protection. Highly recommended.
A Google user
If you ever ask me about my experience in Password Manager? I will tell you that it’s one of the most powerful and versatile PM app on the market. Their full functionality truly saves my life while their c...
John Corvino
For example, your bank account is linked to many other accounts as well as other private information you would like to protect. It would such a wise choice to keep your work safe and clean.
Jefferson Lee Estrellon