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About AltoPass

AltoPass is a password and credentials manager with extra emphasis on security.

AltoPass gives the user a choice of one of the two ways of managing passwords:
- store passwords in encrypted vault similarly to traditional password managers, or
- use our patented Deterministic Password Derivation approach, which allows AltoPass to calculate user's passwords based on their Key Phrase right on the user's device.

This deterministic derivation approach allows AltoPass to avoid storing those passwords anywhere - not in the cloud nor on the device. AltoPass app can repeat the password calculation (or derivation) any time in the future, so there's never any need to store those passwords in the cloud. Not even encrypted. Just absolutely NO PASSWORDS STORED in our cloud.

This approach provides an unprecedented level of security for our users. Something that is not stored in the cloud cannot be stolen from that cloud.


- AltoPass is available on Android as well as other mobile systems as native apps. Additionally, you can open AltoPass Web client in a browser tab on any operating system and pair it with your mobile AltoPass app

- AltoPass Cloud provides a convenient storage option for AltoPass meta-data and allows restoring from the cloud upon reinstall or device loss or change

- Store unlimited credentials

- Autofill login forms in mobile apps and mobile browser pages

- Autofill login forms in Chrome browser with AltoPass Chrome extension that works together with AltoPass Web client

- AltoPass will ask you to re-enter your Key Phrase periodically to make sure to only produce passwords to the owner of the AltoPass account. If your phone supports biometric authentication we'll remember your Key Phrase in the memory longer and will not ask you to re-enter Key Phrase as often.

- Control the password generation rules and policies to satisfy different password requirements per service

- Easily bootstrap the app by importing credentials from a wide variety of formats, like export files from other password managers

Download and install the AltoPass password manager today and take your online safety and security to the next level.

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