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About Password Manager - Keeper

Keeper is the most secure password manager for Android! Rest easy with password security from Keeper! Protect your passwords and personal information with Keeper® - the leading secure password manager and digital vault. Keeper offers unlimited password storage for everyone - generate, store, and AutoFill strong passwords on all your devices while securely storing private documents in your own encrypted vault. Sync passwords across all devices to securely manage your passwords from anywhere.

** Rated "Best Password Manager" and Editor's Choice by PC Mag **
** Rated "Best Security" by Tom's Guide **

Why Keeper?

• Keeper is the world's most trusted and downloaded password manager with thousands of 5-star reviews on Google Play and iTunes. Millions of people and thousands of businesses trust Keeper.
• Sync & manage your passwords on all devices. Secure password manager on phone, tablet and desktop.
• Family password manager solutions. Create a secure vault for the entire family!
• Store every password in one secure vault. Never worry about losing your passwords again. Password Keeper lets you store as many passwords as you need in your own security vault.
• Our password generator helps keep hackers at bay by creating strong, unique passwords. Stop using the same passwords over and over. Improve your online security with Keeper and keep your passwords secure and organized.
• Not just for passwords - Password Keeper locks your confidential files, photos, and videos in a secure encrypted vault.
• Never worry about having to remember a password again! Access your password manager with fingerprint login. Login online with our secure AutoFill, KeeperFill.
• Emergency Access lets you control who can access your passwords when you can’t.

Keeper Referral Program

• Do you love Keeper? Do you think your friends would love Keeper? Refer your friends to earn $15 Amazon Gift Cards!

What Makes Our Password Manager The Best?

• Keeper strives to keep our password manager as simple and intuitive as possible. Our 5-star reviews back that up every day.
• Every user is provided a secure and private vault protected by our unmatched Zero-Knowledge security architecture with multiple levels of encryption. Only you know the password to your vault. With Password Keeper your information remains 100% encrypted 100% of the time.
• Save time, stay organized with our password autofill feature. With KeeperFill, your passwords are always available to be automatically filled

• Monitor the security of your passwords by enabling BreachWatch. BreachWatch continuously scans the Dark Web for passwords that have been exposed and instantly notifies you so that you can stay secure.
• Keeper's Security Audit feature helps you keep passwords up-to-date and makes sure your passwords are as secure as possible.
• With our password generator, we make password security a breeze.

Most Secure Passwords Manager in the Industry

• Built with zero-knowledge security architecture. Your vault passwords and files can only be seen by you.
• Integrates with Two-Factor Authentication providers (SMS, Google Authenticator, Duo Security, RSA SecurID and Yubikey).
• Only password manager to be certified SOC-2 and ISO27001
• Utilizes AES-256-bit encryption and PBKDF2 technology

* If you need assistance, please email [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Keeper?

Keeper is a secure password manager and digital vault that allows users to generate, store, and autofill strong passwords on all devices, while also securely storing private documents.

What makes Keeper the best password manager?

Keeper is the most trusted and downloaded password manager with thousands of 5-star reviews. It offers features such as password syncing, family password management, password generator, encrypted vault for files and media, fingerprint login, and emergency access control.

Does Keeper offer a referral program?

Yes, Keeper has a referral program where users can refer their friends and earn $15 Amazon Gift Cards.

How does Keeper ensure password security?

Keeper uses a zero-knowledge security architecture with multiple layers of encryption. Only the user knows the password to their vault. It also offers features like password autofill, security audit, and breach watch to enhance password security.

Is Keeper the most secure password manager in the industry?

Yes, Keeper is built with zero-knowledge security architecture, integrates with Two-Factor Authentication providers, and is certified SOC-2 and ISO27001. It also utilizes AES-256-bit encryption and PBKDF2 technology for maximum security.

How can I contact Keeper's support for assistance?

For assistance, please email [email protected].
Great App
Dan Goshdigian
Excellent interface. Love finger log in
Michael DeSantiago
Dorothy Burton
So far, so good.
Charles Holyfield
Easy to use and understand
Bill Scott
A great password manager. Recommended!