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About Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS

Discover millions of outdoor trails around the world. Choose between hiking, running, bike, MTB, kayak, ski or up to 70 different types of activities.

Record your own routes on a map, add waypoints, take pictures along the itinerary and upload them to your Wikiloc account from your phone.

Enjoy free offline topographic maps from all over the world for you to use without coverage or data. Great when you're out in the mountains or traveling without Internet connection.

Want to take your outdoor experiences even further? With Wikiloc Premium:

- Turn your mobile into a GPS navigator. Your smartphone will guide you with a heading indicator and sound alerts to warn you if you go off-track during navigation.
- Live Tracking. Share your position in real time with your family & friends while doing the route.
- Do you have a compatible Garmin GPS? Send tracks from your phone directly to your Garmin, no computer needed.
- Search by Passing Area: Find trails passing through your chosen specific areas.
- Weather forecast for a perfect outdoor activity.
- Advanced search filters.

By purchasing Wikiloc Premium you're helping us to maintain Wikiloc’s infrastructure.
Furthermore, you’ll also contribute to protecting the earth, as 1% of your purchase will go directly to 1% for the Planet, a global network of businesses, nonprofits, and individuals working together for a healthy planet.

Join us at, the community where millions of nature, travel and sports lovers share their adventures, from the most popular excursion to the most remote expedition on the planet.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS?

Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS is a mobile app that allows users to discover outdoor trails worldwide and engage in various activities such as hiking, running, biking, skiing, and more.

Can I record my own routes using Wikiloc?

Yes, you can record your own routes on a map, add waypoints, and even take pictures along the itinerary, which can then be uploaded to your Wikiloc account directly from your phone.

Does Wikiloc provide offline maps?

Yes, Wikiloc offers free offline topographic maps from around the world, allowing users to navigate without the need for coverage or data, especially useful in remote areas or when you don't have an internet connection.

What additional features are available with Wikiloc Premium?

By subscribing to Wikiloc Premium, you can transform your mobile device into a GPS navigator with a heading indicator and sound alerts for navigation. You can also share your real-time position with friends and family, send tracks to compatible Garmin GPS devices, search for trails passing through specific areas, access weather forecasts, and utilize advanced search filters.

Will purchasing Wikiloc Premium contribute to any cause?

Yes, by purchasing Wikiloc Premium, you not only support the maintenance of Wikiloc's infrastructure but also contribute to the protection of the planet. 1% of your purchase will directly go to 1% for the Planet, a global network working towards a healthier planet.

Where can I join the Wikiloc community?

You can join the Wikiloc community on, where millions of nature, travel, and sports enthusiasts share their adventures, ranging from popular excursions to the most remote expeditions on the planet.
Predrag Stankovic
A fellow hiker introduced me to this app in 2016. In my own country (New Zealand), or anywhere in Europe, and twice in Israel, it has been a truly "must have" ever since.
Ron Ashman
Thus is awesome!
Matt Gennis
Cesar Figueroa
Very very practical and usefull
Jafar Kolahi
Italo Dione