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About My Tracks

My Tracks is a small and powerful application to keep track of your route while you go around. The quite complex functionality hides behind a very clear user interface which is easy to understand.

My Tracks can be very useful for all of your outdoor activities like hiking, bicycle and motorcycle touring, boating, skiing, climbing or sheer driving fun, it can also be used for business.

Have a look at all of these fancy features:

1. Record a route
1.1 show current location on Google Map, along with time, duration and distance. even with latitude and longitude.
1.2 dynamic chart about speed and altitude.
1.3 route recording, pausing, resuming, saving and listing.
1.4 photos joining with a route automatically, whatever app you use to take photos.
1.5 voice report at predefined frequency of time or distance when recording
1.6 export routes to GPX/KML/KMZ files, or import from your phone or Google Drive.
1.7 sync and restore from Google Drive.
1.8 do stats.
1.9 show multi routes on the map.
1.10 print a route with the map.

2. Share a route
2.1 create a group and invite friends to join this group, you and your friends can share routes in this group.
2.2 share a route globally in this app.
2.3 share a route via web url to social medias, like WhatsApp, FaceBook, Gmail, etc.
2.4 select photos to share with a route.

3. Follow a route
3.1 follow your own route.
3.2 follow others’ shared route.
3.3 follow planned route.
3.4 fly your imagination: share a route in a group, friends in this group can follow this route.

4. Plan a route
4.1 plan a route(driving, bicycling and walking) among multi markers, the planed route can be followed on the map.

5. Markers
5.1 tap on the map to insert a marker, move the map to put the marker on proper position.
5.2 select markers to show on the map.
5.3 markers can be remembered to show next time when you open the app.
5.4 markers can be shared or exported within a route.
5.5 export markers to a KML file.

6. More
6.1 Live broadcast your locations to friends.
6.2 download offline map.
6.3 add map layer, and auto load this layer when the app starts.

The app needs such permissions:
1. Storage permission for route saving.
2. Photo permission for joining photos with a route.
3. Location permission for route recording.
4. Internet permission for route sharing.

1. Google Play and Google Maps should be installed first.
2. All features are free for all users.
3. After 15 days you may see ads, you can pay to remove ads forever.
4. After 60 days you may subscribe to advanced features, or watch a video to get feature permission. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is My Tracks?

My Tracks is an application to keep track of your route while you go around. It can be used for outdoor activities, business or sheer driving fun.

What are the features of My Tracks?

My Tracks has features to record a route, share a route, follow a route, plan a route, add markers, and more. It also has features like showing current location on Google Map, dynamic charts about speed and altitude, voice reports, syncing and restoring from Google Drive, and exporting routes to GPX/KML/KMZ files. Additionally, My Tracks allows users to create groups and invite friends to join, share routes globally or via web URL, and select photos to share with a route. The app also has features like live broadcasting your locations to friends, downloading offline maps, and adding map layers.

What permissions does My Tracks require?

My Tracks requires storage permission for route saving, photo permission for joining photos with a route, location permission for route recording, and internet permission for route sharing.

Are there any limitations to the features of My Tracks?

All features of My Tracks are free for all users. However, after 15 days, ads may appear. Users can pay to remove ads forever. After 60 days, users may subscribe to advanced features or watch a video to get feature permissions.

What should be installed before using My Tracks?

Google Play and Google Maps should be installed before using My Tracks.
Great application. Designed with very well thought details. I tried many applications and this is by far the best complete application, I saw until now.
Andon A
Rc Rawat
Great app. Love it! And all the things it does. Thank you and keep up the good work. Will do thanks!
Karen Carpenter
Coll, try another but nothing good this to record
Hilman Bugsy
It is great. I used to use it to record my location so that I could see where I had made biological collections or taken photos. But it had stopped synchronizing tracks to Google Drive. Last synchronised abo...
Les Powrie
This program does what I want it to do.
steves mobile