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About calimoto – Motorcycle Rides & Offline GPS

Winding country roads, nature and freedom. We want every rider to find the perfect route. Therefore, we have developed an app designed for motorcyclists. True to our motto “no more straight roads”.

Whether you are looking for a nice route from A to B or a spontaneous round trip – our specialized winding road algorithm will always deliver the best ride. If you have a specific destination in mind calimoto will provide you with the perfect route along winding country roads. You want a spontaneous tour for two hours? calimoto will calculate the appropriate round trip so you are back on time. Your motorcycle satnav and route planner – anywhere on your smartphone.

Your tour planner on your smartphone
- Our unique winding road algorithm designed for motorcycle drivers will guide you along the nicest winding country roads.
- Create your own custom tour with unlimited via points.
- Choose from four different route options. They can be set for the whole trip or even sections of the route between each waypoint!
- Find POIs like gas stations, restaurants and accommodation, and integrate them in your route.
- The Calimeter scores your tour and let's you know how twisty it will be. A high Calimeter means lots of twists and turns!

Clear overview with our motorcycle map
- Winding country roads are highlighted in the map
- You're an Enduro rider? All off-road tracks are shown in the map.

Looking for a spontaneous round trip
- Simply provide the desired length and the calimoto winding road algorithm will do the rest.
- You want to stop on your motorcycle meeting? No problem! Simply long click on a via point and drag it to the preferred location.

Discover thousands of tour recommendations
- Let yourself be inspired by the experiences of our community.
- Browse through recommended tours in your area or worldwide.
- Various filters help you find the perfect ride!

Turn-by-turn voice navigation
- Found the perfect route? The calimoto navigation will guide you!
- Simply mount the smartphone onto your bike or put it in your pocket and use the voice navigation.
- Your fuel light comes on? The next gas station is only 3 clicks away. Afterwards calimoto directs you right back onto the route.
- Get notified about danger zones (e.g. speed cameras) directly during your navigation.

Tour catalog
- Save your favorite routes and explore them as many times as you want.
- Convert your driven tours and revive your past adventures with calimoto.

Tour analysis
- Check out your maximum lean angle for each tour.
- Visualize your speed, altitude, acceleration and lean angle for each tour in graphs.
- Rate and add pictures to your ride then publish it to our tour recommendations to share it with the community.

Share your adventures
- Share your favorite trips with Facebook, WhatsApp or directly inside the app.
- Become a part of the calimoto community and take advantage of the experience of thousands of other bikers.

- Just riding? calimoto will take care of tracking your adventure.
- Driven tracks are shown on the map to show you where the next adventure is waiting for you.

Sign up to our community
- Create a calimoto profile and we show you how many kilometers you have driven with calimoto.
- All your tours are always synchronized with all your devices.
- Manage your own bike inside the app.

Try calimoto for free and discover winding roads, exciting routes and interesting tours in your area. Become a Premium member now and get unlimited access to all maps and exclusive features like measuring your lean angle or your acceleration on all of your tours, as well as danger zone alerts (e.g. radar warnings). calimoto – your motorcycle app! From bikers for bikers!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is calimoto?

calimoto is an app designed for motorcyclists, providing specialized winding road routes and offline GPS navigation.

How does calimoto help in planning motorcycle tours?

calimoto offers a tour planner with a unique winding road algorithm, allowing users to create custom tours with unlimited via points, choose different route options, and find points of interest along the route.

What features does calimoto's motorcycle map offer?

calimoto's motorcycle map highlights winding country roads and shows off-road tracks for Enduro riders.

Can calimoto plan spontaneous round trips?

Yes, calimoto has a winding road algorithm that can calculate a spontaneous round trip based on the desired length.

Can calimoto provide turn-by-turn voice navigation?

Yes, calimoto offers turn-by-turn voice navigation, allowing users to mount their smartphone on their bike or keep it in their pocket for navigation.

Does calimoto offer a tour catalog to save favorite routes?

Yes, calimoto has a tour catalog where users can save and explore their favorite routes.

Can calimoto track the user's rides?

Yes, calimoto can track the user's rides and display them on the map for future reference.

Are there any additional features for calimoto Premium members?

Yes, calimoto Premium members have unlimited access to all maps, exclusive features like measuring lean angle and acceleration, and receive alerts for danger zones such as speed cameras.

Can calimoto users share their adventures with others?

Yes, calimoto allows users to share their trips with friends on social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, as well as within the app's community.

Is there a community aspect to calimoto?

Yes, calimoto has a community where users can interact with other bikers, gain inspiration from recommended tours, and benefit from the experiences of thousands of other users.
Excellent app
james inchley
Like the tour recommendations. Nice and very much appriciated feature. Especially when new to an area.
Thomas Gramm
Great App. Really like the 'round trip' generator. App has been working flawless.
Jack Sanderson
Bill Lovatt
Perfect for spontaneous, casual rides. It's a great way to discover the area around you. However I would not use Calimoto for daily navigation through the city, because openstreet maps lack information about...
Volodymyr Linevych
app selbst ist sehr gut, aber leider zu teuer. daher nutze ich sobald ich bawü verlassen muss die konkurrenz app kurviger. etwas schlechter aber sie war bezahlbar (10 euro). wenn der preis hier niedriger wär...
Daniel Schwarz