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About Docquity- The Doctors' Network

Docquity is SE Asia’s fastest growing Medical Education and Knowledge sharing platform, exclusively for Doctors. Join Docquity and connect with over 100,000 verified doctors to discuss real world medical cases and experiences and learn from each other in a secure private network.

On Docquity doctors can earn accredited SKP/CPD/CME credits from leading medical associations and institutions, gain exclusive access to summarized International Medical Journals & Guidelines, watch Medical Videos & Live Medical webinars from key opinion leaders on variety of specialized topics and send HIPAA compliant messages to peers.

Our partnership with the most elite national medical associations of Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand helps us ensure that we provide the most recent and relevant Clinical insights to Doctors

The personalized intuitive UI of Docquity App makes it easy for it to become an integral part of your daily practice

1. DocTalks – Medical video Lectures from top experts

DocTalks is a library of short video lectures brought to you by doctors from academia, research institutions and experts across specializations, globally.

It covers concepts and treatment demonstrations, medical anatomy videos performed by senior doctors. The learning process is simplified and made easy, to follow complex clinical topics.

2. Live & Interactive Webinars

Watch medical webinars from key opinion leaders discussing variety of specialized medical topics. Interact with the speakers live during the webinars. Recorded version of the webinars let you watch them anytime at your convenience

3. NEJM Journal Watch – General Medicine : Available for No-Charge on Docquity

The access to ‘NEJM Journal Watch – General medicine’ is available for No-charge for verified doctors on the Docquity App

4. Secure Chat - HIPAA Compliant texting

Docquity launches secured healthcare messaging platform for doctors. It offers one-to-one chat as well as group-chat to have closed and secure discussions among your peers, ensuring patient confidentiality.

HIPAA Chat on Docquity allows you to start chatting with Doctors available on Docquity, or invite your peers to Docquity to chat with them.

5. Medical Events Calendar – Stay updated

Check the new Calendar marked with medical events. With this you’ll never miss an important event or an update on Docquity i.e. most relevant to you.

Additional Key Features:

· Live Medical Case Discussions for sharing clinical insights and right diagnosis. Easily upload X-rays, ECGs, Scans and patient images/videos and share with colleagues, by speciality. You can also view and follow clinical cases of your interest and sharpen your medical knowledge on the go

· Instantly get SKP, CPD points at your convenience. Select from new and updated CME courses across specializations. CME certificates are generated and get saved in your CME wallet inside the Docquity App. The accreditation is done by leading medical associations of Indonesia, Malaysia & Philippines.

· Summarized Medical Journals, Articles and Guidelines to stay abreast advances in Medicine. Free access to leading and prestigious International Medical Journals and Open Access Journals is available for verified doctors. Easy listing is provided for quick reference.

· Receive drug samples from top Pharmaceutical companies for trial

Get medical updates and clinical insights for a Medical Speciality of your choice through learning Channels. Medical Insights and updates available on Paediatrics, Dermatology, Gynaecology, Oncology, General Medicine, Family Medicine, Neurology, Cardiology, Urology, Anaesthesiology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Pain management, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Neonatology, Nephrology, Neurology, Radiology, Hematology, Geriatric medicine and many more Medical specialities and super specialities

So, join Docquity to learn and grow your professional network.

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Love free skp
Hytriawan Posma Putra
100 banget untuk docquity, alhamdulillah banget dapet ilmu banyak banget dari sini.. mulai dari sace base post sampe yang beneran lecturepun ada.. dan ga ketinggalan berita lhoo, minggu belajar finance ala k...
nur azizzah Azizzah
Good app
Abhishek Kumar
Bagus banyak bantu
Irna Hardiawan
To refresh and update clinical sciense
insan Sosiawan