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About Tinker Island 2

Are you ready for the survival adventure of your lifetime? Yes you are!

Tinker Island 2 is back – bigger and better than before! Join a crew of survivors on an island split between two factions – the villagers and the citizens that are fighting for island domination!

Based on the original Tinker Island award-winning mobile game, Tinker Island 2 throws you into another adventure on a deserted island, filled with mysteries, riddles, epic battles and questions that boggle even the brightest of the minds!

Discover the mystery of the island inhabited by three factions – the villagers, the citizens and the aliens. Pick a side, help them out with quests and discover the secrets of Tinker Island 2. Discover strange locations, battle creatures from the depths of your ultimate nightmares and help out the mysterious characters achieve their destiny!

Enjoy the rich story adventure game that leads you from the beach across the entire island to the grand finale in the volcano. Decide if you are going to help the villagers or join forces with the citizens in defeating the evil aliens that want the island for themselves!
Visit over fifty locations and discover the mysteries of Tinker Island 2, encounter strange and mysterious characters and decide which side are you going to assist in taking over the island!

Fight your way through with our easy-to-handle battle interface and level up your characters as you progress through a rich-story environment!
Manage your crew and upgrade their stats and your dwellings, develop new tools and weapons and use them to defeat the monsters, the wild animals and other dangers that lurk on the island!

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PLEASE NOTE! Tinker Island 2 is free to play, however, some additional items can be purchased for real money or through special offers. If you don't wish to use this feature, please adjust your device's settings. By installing this game you agree to Terms of Service published here:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Tinker Island 2?

Tinker Island 2 is an adventure game that takes place on a deserted island, where players are given the chance to pick one of three different factions to help out with quests in order to discover the secrets of the island.

What can players expect to encounter in Tinker Island 2?

Players can expect to encounter mysteries, riddles, epic battles, strange and mysterious characters, wild animals, monsters and other dangers that lurk on the island. They will also be able to upgrade their crew's stats and dwellings, develop new tools and weapons, and level up their characters as they progress through a rich story environment.

Is Tinker Island 2 a free game?

Tinker Island 2 is free to play, however, some additional items can be purchased for real money or through special offers. Players who do not wish to use this feature can adjust their device's settings.

How can players join the Tinker Island 2 community?

Players can follow Tinker Island survival game on Facebook at or follow the Tinker Island updates and new episodes on Twitter at

What are the Terms of Service for Tinker Island 2?

By installing Tinker Island 2, players agree to the Terms of Service published here: