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About Stone Age Survival

Meet the Stone Age Survival- an addictive clicker and survival game for those who love simple strategy games with progress! To survive, you have to build your survival strategy. No time to rest!
Now you have to master skills such as mining, crafting, food extraction and building in the stone age survival simulator!

The stone age survival game begins! Choose your strategic way to start crafting tools, mining, building a shelter, teaming up with other survivors and gradually expanding your base.


Build your survival strategy
Explore new areas. Unlock new places, create tools, collect resources for construction.

Upgrade mining, crafting and building skills
Stone age is not as easy as it seems. This clicker game allows you to create and craft more complex resources for building objects. Learn new tools in every possible way & make strategic choices.

Team up with other survivors
Team up with other survivors to improve your life in stone age. Your area will begin to expand much faster, and resources will be collected more productively. It's always better and more fun to do something together!

Simple and addictive stone age gameplay
Survival clicker combines simple game mechanics that make it easy to plunge into the stone age survival simulator.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Stone Age Survival?

Stone Age Survival is a clicker and survival game that requires players to build a survival strategy in order to progress.

What skills do I need in Stone Age Survival?

In Stone Age Survival, you need to master skills such as mining, crafting, food extraction, and building to survive.

What can I do in Stone Age Survival?

In Stone Age Survival, you can explore new areas, unlock new places, create tools, collect resources, upgrade your mining, crafting, and building skills, team up with other survivors, and gradually expand your base.

Is Stone Age Survival an addictive game?

Yes, Stone Age Survival is designed to be addictive with its simple gameplay mechanics.

How can I improve my life in Stone Age Survival?

You can improve your life in Stone Age Survival by teaming up with other survivors. This will help your area expand faster and collect resources more productively.

Can I play Stone Age Survival with friends?

Yes, you can team up with other survivors in Stone Age Survival, which means you can play with friends and improve your gameplay experience together.

Is Stone Age Survival easy to learn?

Yes, Stone Age Survival has simple game mechanics that make it easy to learn and dive into the stone age survival simulator.