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About UmmahApp-Islamic Lifestyle App

With UmmahApp platform; we feed the poor, help the widows and we provide unlimited access to Islamic content (video, audio, podcasts & images) inclusive of live TV streaming channels that muslim audiences love. UmmahApp uses Islamic trivia and other exciting gamification approaches to aid deen and inspire worship. We create buy & sell market opportunities as well as empowerment programs for muslim brothers & sisters in our Ummah. Our digital Islamic tools makes it easy to access Zakat calculation, collection and distribution to help the needy in our Ummah.

Why UmmahApp - Key Benefits

Our views at Ummah Digital Services (UDS) are anchored on the core topics of worship, spiritual awareness and growth, economic inequality, poverty and hunger that affect millions of Muslims across the world.

✅ One App, Everything Al-Islam - UmmahApp is solely for Islam-related content and resources as one community, on a single platform.
✅ Learning & Spiritual Growth - inspire worship through a collection of easy-to-use content library that takes away clutter of unorganized content.
✅ Economic Empowerment - we create new markets for SMEs in our ummah to grow their business. Our app also offers content creation & monetization opportunities for aspiring Digital entrepreneurs.
✅ Social Interventions - we enable First-timers pay Zakat. And, through the digital collection and distribution of Zakat, we impact local communities and fight poverty and hunger affecting fellow muslims.
✅ Beyond Borders - Ummah is One and we see no barriers. A muslim in faraway Iceland is able help a fellow muslim in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Features of UMMAHAPP - our #1 Islamic Lifestyle App is feature rich to inspire millions towards worship, growth & life of impact.

✔ Zakat & Sadaqah Causes - Browse Zakat and Sadaqah causes. Share causes with your network of family and friends to help the needy.

✔ Digital Islamic Tools - View Nisab rates, calculate and pay Zakat with an easy to use digital tool. Check for prayer times & Islamic calendar in your location.

✔ Ummah Wallets - top-up wallets dedicated for spiritual and lifestyle obligations to pay zakat , sadaqah, invest, shop and lots more on UmmahApp.

✔Ummah Mart - Buy and sell Halal products on Ummah and enjoy discounts from UmmahApp Flash sale merchants.

✔ Halal Money - Browse an array of Islamic financial products; invest and make money the halal way.

✔My Quran - read, listen and enjoy recitations from the Quran on the go at work, home or during commute.

✔ Refer Friends - Invite family and friends to follow your channel and to come enjoy the UmmahApp experience.

✔ Ummah Play - Explore large content library; stream live Tv, save and download favorite short form videos and podcasts.

✔ Go Premium - Subscribe to unlimited collection of Islamic lifestyle contents with a low priced premium plan.

✔ Lifestyle Contents - Receive breaking news and news alerts. Enjoy daily islamic nuggets, attend events and be the first to know with email newsletters.

✔ Solah & Event Alerts - receive alerts for daily prayers and Islamic events such as Jummah, Eid-el-Fitri etc

✔ Food & Life - Donate food to help the less privilege. For the needy facing tough times; use UmmahApp to Get food.

✔ Gamification - Learn, improve your knowledge of islam and play to win exciting prizes in our Quran games and Islamic trivia/quizzes.

✔ Extensive Search - Search the entire 6,236 verses of the quran for any text in seconds. And, search for people, authors and Masjids.

✔ Q & A Catalogue - Ask Questions and get answers from Islamic scholars. Browse answers to questions from other Ummah users.

DOWNLOAD UMMAHAPP - #1 Islamic Lifestyle App For the Muslim Ummah.

If you have any queries, suggestions or feedback; please feel free to drop us a message via our email account [email protected]

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Great islamic app.
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