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About Deenee - Islam for kids

Deenee is the all-in-one Islamic education app for children between 7 and 14 years. It helps your child learn and love Islam through fun bite-sized lessons, teaching all the Islamic essentials.

Deenee has 5,000+ interactive lessons, quizzes, stories and audios.

Deenee offers a gamified experience with real-time feedback, quizzes, trophies and rewards to keep your child engaged with the learning until the very end insha allah.

You as a parent get informed on the progress and can motivate your child by give feedback in the app on which lessons your child has mastered and is applying in his/her daily life

What will your child learn with Deenee?

Deenee covers all the Islamic essentials every Muslim should know – structured in 6 subjects:
1. Aqidah: the principles of Islamic faith
2. Akhlaaq: Islamic etiquette and
3. Duas: essential daily duas
4. Fiqh: basic knowledge of Islamic fiqh including wudu, prayers, fasting
5. Hadith: important sayings and teachings of the Prophet PBUH
6. Tareekh: Islamic history, live of the Prophet PBUH, his companions, and other Prophets

Deenee also has a quiz to test your child's knowledge of Islam with hundreds of questions for the whole family to enjoy.

Is the content safe and reliable?

The content is structured in 10 levels with a progressive system of learning. The content is based on various trusted Islamic studies books tested over 35 years. The content has been validated with Muslim scholars. So it is insha allah suitable for your child and reliable.

What are some key features?

- 10 academic levels: each subject has 10 levels. Each level has on average 8-10 lessons.
- Engaging content: with more than 5,000 interactive micro-lessons, quizzes, stories and audio.
- Gamified experience: learning gets rewarded with coins, gems and trophies to keep your child engaged with the learning until the very end insha allah.
- Spaced repetition: to allow your child to automatically review difficult lessons more often.
- Progress tracking: as a parent you can easily see the progress of your child.
- Motivate your child to apply the learning: reward your child with special gems to apply their learning in their daily life.

What plans can I choose from:

Deenee basic – it is totally free. You get access to 3 lessons in level 1 for each subject

Deenee Plus – You get access to all micro-lessons for all subjects, unlimited access to the quizzes. You can practice difficult lessons more often. You can reward your child with special gems to apply their learning in their daily life. And more importantly you help us continuously improve the quality of the content to make it more engaging and fun for your child. And you’ll support our mission to make Islamic education for children around the world accessible, simple and engaging

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