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About Social Fever – Stop Smartphone Addiction

Social Fever – Beat Smartphone Addiction, Manage Time Wisely & Connect With Real Life

Smartphones with social media apps have become more of a requirement these days than a need. Owing to which our real life is often ignored. Therefore, before it’s too late we need to limit our smartphone usage as well as for social media apps. And, this could be best done via a dedicated Phone Usage Tracker.

Excess of smartphone usage can result in Nomophobia. But it can surely be fended using Social Fever – Phone Usage Tracker app

This nifty app to track phone usage is a brilliant solution to help users control smartphone addiction. The well-designed screen tracker for Android makes sure that you use your phone for a confined time frame & instead invest time to embrace an offline hobby.

This interactive phone usage tracker features a simple yet effective interface, to help keep a tab on your social media activities. The application simply records time spent on social media and notified immediately when the time limit is exceeded. Social Fever helps you better understand what is ‘wise usage’ with straightforward weekly reports.

With this mobile usage tracker, you can limit any app usage by setting timers to utilize your device smartly. Moreover, to keep you motivated the app tries to connect you with real-life interests that you might have forgotten.

Social Fever provides a detailed preview by listing, time spent on each app, how many times your phone screen was unlocked, notifications about your eye and ear health when looking on-screen or listening to music for long durations. Users are not required to sign up or create an account to make use of this app usage time tracker. Just install > add the apps you wish to track & that’s all.

Beat Smartphone Addition by maintaining a balance between your digital and real-life!

Key features:

Set Interests

Make your day more fruitful by adding your favorite hobbies and interests in the Mobile Usage Tracker.

Set Goals

Don’t stay hooked with pointless technology, set your goals and start tracking app usage. Be a Smart Smartphone User.

App Usage

Keep a track of your digital life by recording time spent with specific apps. Save time and boost your productivity with its smart screen tracker for Android.


Get detailed information about the last seven days of app usage with other fruitful statistics.

Ear Health

Keep a check on your health by receiving frequent reminders to give a break to your eardrums by not listening to music for more than 30 minutes.

Eye Health

Social Fever ensures that you never strain your eyes by looking at the smartphone screen for more than 30 minutes. Get timely notifications to know that it’s the time to avoid looking at the screen.

Get Alert Notifications

Create Device usage, App usage time, Number of unlock time alerts for managing your time efficiently. Receive alert messages every time the time frame is exceeded.

Backstage Power Saving

Don’t let memory optimizing apps force quit the friendly Social Fever, mobile usage tracker.

Track Goals:

Don’t miss out on real-life goals & take charge of your life with Social Fever, phone usage tracker.
Use this section to keep track of application usage. It works like: tap on Track Goals icon > add the app you want to track & that’s all.

Water Reminder:

We are so busy in our lives that we forget to drink water. The feature will help you keep your body hydrated. Users can set a water reminder to get notifications for timely water intake.

Reconnect with forgotten interests & hobbies in your life & do something worthwhile with the time you save!

You’ll definitely not regret using this phone usage tracker for sure!

Do rate us and share your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below!

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In just a few days I've reduced how often I unlock my phone AND how long I'm on social media. This is fantastic
Naada Boulandi
This app works same as it's name. After installing this app I got conected with the real world. I have fixed my family time, morning walk time in this app. The best part i liked about this app is water remin...
akshita mathur
This is the best app I ever seen for screen tracker app. Best tracker for apps time and get out of mobile world and back in real world
Kamlesh Sharma
Jay shetty recommend this to me by his book
Great solicitor
Great app