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About VerifyCare

VerifyCare is a customizable support tool for any kind of caregiver. VerifyCare’s tracking modules allow you to keep a detailed record of care provided for your Care Recipients. The entire Care Team and extended family can log in at any time to verify they receive the highest quality of care. With a support tool like VerifyCare, managing care has never been easier!



View a summary of all calendar events, journal entries, tasks, and medications due on a given day for the selected Care Recipient. Check in or out for a Care Recipient and quickly access modules from the Home Screen to enter data.


Simplify care communication with Care Team messaging. Send internal messages to other Care Team members and receive alerts on your Care Recipient’s wellbeing all in your VerifyCare Inbox.


Customizable Tasks allow you to keep a record of your care recipient's wellbeing. Schedule when to track needs such as vitals, intake/output, activity and sleep, mood and behavior, or create your own. Real time reminders of when tasks are due help ensure the daily needs of the Care Recipient are met.


Organize all medication and supplement needs through the Medication Management module. Customizable icons displaying the form, shape, and color can add extra clarification the right medication is taken. Push notification alerts also help guarantee your Care Recipient receives every medication at its scheduled time.


All recorded Tasks and Medication Management entries can be graphed and compared in the Analyze module. This module allows you to select desired activities and/or medications to compare data over time, analyze their correlation, and detect outliers.


The Calendar module helps track the schedules of all those involved in the Care Recipient's wellbeing. Record events such as appointments or activities and assign who will be participating in those events. Calendars can also be incorporated into the Wages module for timekeeping and work schedules.


Journals allow you or your Care Recipient to record information such as a summary of activities, thoughts, and feelings. Keep a log of not worthy events for the entire Care Team to see.


Keep a record of key information regarding your Care Recipient such as allergies, diagnosis, or other factors that may impact their general wellbeing.


Easily upload and organize all the important documents you need for your Care Recipient. Your documents will always be at your fingertips with VerifyCare.


Keep a list of your Care Recipient’s contacts within the app. Organize your contacts based on their category or role. Call or email directly from the VerifyCare app.


Compile all your Care Recipient’s data and records by creating a customizable summary report. These reports can be sent to anyone, even if they are not a VerifyCare user!


Need to track wages owed to paid Caregivers? The wages module allows you to easily calculate and record payments for rendered services.


Simplify care by coordinating with other Care Team members and enjoy the peace of mind knowing you can verify the care provided at any time. Explore all 12 modules that VerifyCare offers by downloading the app today!

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