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About BACKTRACKIT: Musicians' Player

Plenty of features to help you play music and grow as a Musician. From shifting the key, slowing down the tempo, looping parts of your songs to jamming to HQ backing tracks of different genres!


- Access to Backing Tracks of different genres and see their chord progression while playing! Limited number of tracks is available for free while the rest can be unlocked by upgrading to the Premium version.
- Detect and shift the Key and Tempo of any of your songs!
- Reduce the leading instrument volume in the song.
- Advanced Equalizer for a great audio experience. Save up to 5 custom presets.
- Advanced Looping, precise selection and capability to save loops.
- Save the song with your changes: new tempo, pitch and EQ settings!
- Metronome of any time signature and tempo.
- Singing Exercises: the App will play random notes that you have to sing correctly. The App will show you if you're hitting the note perfectly or not!
- The App will sort all of your songs according to their key or tempo.
- Guitar/Piano display of 32 musical scales (Major, Dorian, Hungarian Gypsy...)
- Guitar/Piano display of 30 types of chords.

Backing Tracks Genres:
- Rock
- Blues
- Jazz
- Metal
- Pop
- Ambient
- Classical
- Hip Hop
- Tanpura
- Drums
- No-Drums
- No-Bass

The music notations that are supported in the App are:
- English: C D E
- French: Do Ré Mi
- Russian: До Ре Ми

Backtrackit gives you the best audio quality when the pitch is shifted or the tempo is changed. When the pitch is changed, the tempo remains the same due to time-stretching technique.

Backtrackit is Superpowered.

If you have any feedback or face any issue, please don't hesitate to reach out at [email protected] I'll be happy to help.

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