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About Song Maker - Free Music Mixer

Create your own music with this free music maker app.

Compose music that you want by combining different sounds, rhythms and #beats. Modify loops and sounds in the editor. Add free beats and let your imagination run free! Record your voice and add it to the song. Find the perfect tune and make music!


★ Music creator with thousands of free sounds, beats and loops ready to use in unlimited combinations

★ Music maker for composing all beats on different tracks in a single melody

★ Music library with Bass, Hip Hop, Trap & Future Bass, Metal, Drums and special #beats for DJ

★ Music demo projects : Metal Demo, HipHop,Trap & Future Bass Marshmello style demo project

★ Listen to the track while recording your voice for a new jam session

★ Save your melody and let your friends listen to it

★ Music editor for sounds and loops

Song Maker is the free music maker app for fun and entertainment that all mixing enthusiasts should have. Start your own mixing and jam sessions like a DJ without a studio. Create music for your youtube videos and become an artist.

Have you ever needed free music and #beats to add to your Youtube video only to find out that not all the free online music is actually free? We offer you hundreds of loops and sounds to mix without the copyright issues that usually come with downloaded music. We provide the following sounds categories and loop samples : Bass, Guitar, Trap & Future Bass One Shot, Trap Loops, Hip Hop, Metal Guitar Loops, Metal Guitar One Shot, Drum & Bass, Kick, Clap, Piano, Piano Loops and a song maker to compose music. Make music with our sounds or add your own to the mix, work like a DJ in the music studio and enjoy your composition.

Feel free to combine the #beats, record your voice, add your own beats, make a song and use it as you wish .


★Is Song Maker: Music Mixer really free?★

Yes, this song editor is a music maker app in which almost all of the basic features are available without paying but you will still view ads. You can access all of the free beats, loops and melodies in the music library ( including samples for hip hop, rock, trap, simple drums, piano) by watching rewarded ads. You can freely edit the songs, loops and #beats with the music mixer to emulate a music studio. Subscription is necessary for additional music demo samples, making music in unlimited projects or back-up restore in cloud.

★Is this a music mixer?★

Song Maker is in the same time a music maker , music mixer and music editor. You can make your own melody or song by mixing music with the free beats that we provide and edit the sounds with effect like fade in, fade out, cut song from start , cut song from end, repeat sound etc.

★Can I create music and use it anyway I want?★

Making music is fun and should not be constrained and any music maker app must allow free composition. If you create a melody, you have the right to use the song anyway you see fit , as long as you don't sell the row loops that we provide or restrict others to use the sounds from our music library. If unsure, please send us an email.

Start your jam and make music!

Privacy Policy for Song Maker:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can I do with the Song Maker app?

You can create your own music by combining different sounds, rhythms, and beats, modify loops and sounds, record your voice, and save your compositions.

Are the beats and sounds in the app free?

Yes, most of the basic features and free beats, loops, and melodies in the music library are available without paying. However, you may still view ads.

Can I use the music I create in any way I want?

Yes, you have the right to use the song you create in any way you see fit, as long as you don't sell the loops provided by the app or restrict others from using the sounds from the music library.

Is Song Maker also a music mixer and editor?

Yes, Song Maker is not only a music creator but also a music mixer and editor. You can mix music, edit sounds, and apply effects like fade in, fade out, and cut songs.

Are there additional features available with a subscription?

Yes, additional features such as music demo samples, unlimited projects, and backup restore in the cloud require a subscription.
To be honest, i see nothing wrong with this app and i have no complaints. I 100% recommended this app to anyone wanting to create music.
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Dope af
D p
Ida Collins
its a great app if i cant find a sound that i like i can just make my own but i do wish it had backround vocal/voices/singers
Kayla Calderon
It is wonder ful
fredrick ochieng