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About Strength House - GYM Workouts 1RM

Get back in the gym and improve your life with Strength House , a personal trainer in your pocket with more than 200+ exercises!
Strength House is the ultimate fitness, bodybuilding and workout tool for all looking to build the perfect body.
Strength House is composed of Workout, Exercises ,Tools and Workout Stuff part.

Exercises contain more than 200 instructional videos followed and explained exercises.
The Exercises part is composed of several areas of muscles:Biceps,Triceps,Deltoids,Trapezius,Pectorals(Chest),Foream Flexors,Foream Extensors,Lastissimus Dorsi,Erector Spinae,Glutes,Hamstrings,Calves,Quadriceps...
All the exercises are followed by a video with explanation.

Workouts part contain 19 workouts,all explained.There are two categories:Build and Define Muscles.
Build Muscles:Arnold Arms,Back and Biceps,Back,Chest and Triceps,Chest,Chest and Back,Legs,Shoulders,Weekly Workout.
Define Muscles:Arnold Arms,Chest-German Volume,Chest+Back,Killer Legs,Killer Shoulder Workout,Legs 1# 2#,Shoulder,Weekly workout,Abs workout.

Stuff part contains stuff that will improve your knowledge and mental state.Its composed of:FAQs,Nutirion,Suplements,Motivation Quotes,Bench Press test,Deadlift test and Squat test.

Tools part contains calculators that will help you to give your best.Some of them:1RepMax,Daily Calorie Calc,Converter,LBM,RMR,RCC,Vo2,Water Intake Calculator

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Allows targeted training as well as overall.
Denewood Watford
very good app,but please update more.nevermind we can pay for it.very very very good apps
Uchiha Adik
Super bodybuilding app!
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