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About SimpleTherapy

The SimpleTherapy app provides instant access to joint and muscle pain management programs head to toe.

Pain Relief and Prevention should be helpful, not a hassle. That’s why we’ve built the most effortless pain management and injury prevention care experience possible. Here's what you can do with this App:

1. Easily Manage pain
2. Describe your pain and SimpleTherapy will give you an evidence-based and clinically validated plan of care made just for your needs.
3. Manage full-body musculoskeletal pain by focusing on 18 areas of the body

Your pain is unique. So is your journey.

*** Start managing your pains with SimpleTherapy’s 15 min exercise programs.
*** Improve your bodies flexibility and range of motion
*** Create healthy exercise habits for long-term muscle and joint health

The road to recovery begins simply at the click of a button. It’s that easy!

SimpleTherapy is Used by organizations to help their employees and their families feel great so they can do what they love to.

**** Clinically Driven ****
Over 300 years of clinical expertise and oversight is hardwired into our proprietary, outcomes-driven algorithm.

**** Customized for Each User ****
Designed with you in mind, your pain management program is personalized to you. Your care plan adapts instantly to your needs based on your assessment and the feedback that you provide

**** We Offer 24/7 Resources ****
Immediate care is clinically proven to provide superior results including accelerated recovery time and avoiding unnecessary surgeries, procedures, and prescriptions.

**** Research****
Research demonstrates that most joint pains and aches-related conditions can be managed or eliminated through the use of early, conservative measures such as exercise therapy. To read more --

SimpleTherapy is designed by physicians using the same methodologies applied in a clinical setting, SimpleTherapy has the ability to instantly optimize your care pathway using artificial intelligence and drawing from our extensive database curated over 8 years in the moment care is needed.

**** WHAT TO EXPECT ****
Your pain management program will be personalized for your individual progress. Here’s what other customers say you can expect:

1) Pain Relief
2) Improve Strength
3) Improve Movement
4) Increase Activity Levels
5) Improve Flexibility
6) Improve Posture

Terms Of Service:
Privacy statement:

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I was so much in pain Fri,Sat,sun,Mon somehow I found this pamphlet at work and I went online signed up and it's helping. I went the whole day with no pills and no tense unit.😀😀😀
Joyce Hillsman
Nice and easy to use great instructional videos.
Great program. Actually worls.
Alonford Robinson
I believe this is a wonderful web site. Especially having to be self quarantined and the PT centers were closed. My rotator cuff surgery prevented me from working and I began Simple Therapy Almost every day ...
Joseph Lopez
Changed my life this app
Ryan Babicz
First time user, but like the videos showing exercises. Looking forward to seeing how much this helps. Will leave follow up review at the time of completion.
Jim Yount