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About Number Kids - Counting & Math Games

Help your kids learn math and numbers the right way with this collection of fun math games and Montessori style learning tools!

Understanding counting, numbers, and mathematics are extremely important for children. From their toddler and preschool years until they’re in 1st and, 2nd grade. Kids need to pick up all sorts of math skills. It starts with learning numbers and understanding basic counting, then moves on to ascending and descending numbers, comparing numbers, and so on. There’s a lot to learn in these formative years, so anything parents can do to help supplement their child’s education is helpful!

Kids love learning by doing, which can be difficult with numbers and mathematics. That’s where our fun Montessori games and math learning games come into play. We’ve created a series of colorful counting and comparing games that are perfect for children of all ages. They’re designed to make learning easy, successful, and fun. But best of all, these games are FREE to enjoy!

Our learn to count and montessori game includes the following modes:

Math with Beads
Kids can learn counting and math skills using the time-tested beads method. Choose between various math exercises for kids, then watch how quickly your child learns! Games in this mode include counting exercises, learning place values (ones, tens, hundreds), and simple math operations like adding and subtracting.

Learning Numbers
Help your child learn to count numbers through simple but fun matching and number-arranging exercises. Choose a number range to focus on to help facilitate learning for different ages -- smaller is best for younger kids!

Learning math Montessori style has never been so easy and fun, especially not for toddlers, kids, preschoolers and grade school children. When it’s time to learn counting, number arranging, and comparing, this app will get your family started the right way. Kids love these fun and colorful montessori games, and parents will love all of the extra features.

• Clean and clear interface designed for children
• Learn with colorful and friendly cartoon characters
• Monitor your child’s progress with report cards
• Unlock special stickers, certificates, and other bonuses
• No third party ads, no in-app purchases

Start your child’s education right with these fun, free, and effective Montessori math and counting games. It’s easy to get started, and the whole family will find something to enjoy! Download this educational game today and start learning right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is this collection of games for?

This collection of games is designed to help children learn math and numbers in a fun and Montessori style way.

Why is understanding counting and numbers important for children?

Understanding counting and numbers is important for children as it forms the foundation for their math skills and is necessary for various mathematical concepts.

What age group are these games suitable for?

These games are suitable for children of all ages, including toddlers, preschoolers, and grade school children.

How can these games help children learn math?

These games provide a hands-on learning experience and cover various math skills such as counting, place values, and basic math operations.

Are these games free to enjoy?

Yes, these games are free to enjoy.

What modes are included in this game?

This game includes Math with Beads mode and Learning Numbers mode.

How does the Math with Beads mode work?

In the Math with Beads mode, kids can learn counting and math skills using the time-tested beads method. They can choose from various exercises such as counting, learning place values, and simple math operations.

How can the Learning Numbers mode help kids?

The Learning Numbers mode helps kids learn to count numbers through simple matching and number-arranging exercises.

Are there any additional features in this game?

Yes, this game offers a clean and clear interface designed for children, colorful and friendly cartoon characters, progress monitoring with report cards, special stickers, certificates, and other bonuses. It also does not have any third-party ads or in-app purchases.

How can I start using these games?

You can start using these games by downloading the educational game and starting to learn right away.
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This game was so wonderfull my little sister play it so fun
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