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About Knowledge Park 2 for Baby & Toddler - RMB Games

*** Educational game for preschoolers "Knowledge Park - 2" with more than 200 objects to learn for children from 1 year and older.

*** The game includes more than 40 funny levels containing over 200 items and animals with increasing difficulty in the levels.

*** Each level is voiced by a native speaker to help the child hear the correct pronunciation and learn new words.

We are happy to present to you the 2nd part of the children's game “Knowledge Park - 2”.

This educational game will help your little boys and girls to:
• learn numbers and learn to count
• learn letters and new words
• recognize colors and various objects, clothing, and shapes
• develop thinking skills and imagination
• develop patience, focus, and attention
• reveal new talents
• develop motor skills
This is a great game that little boys and girls love!
Millions of Children and Mothers around the world have praised our games!

This game is very useful for children from 1 year and older, as well as for kindergartens and preschools.

This interactive educational game includes 4 thematic games and 44 fun levels:

1) "World of numbers - 2", where your child will learn to count without boring and monotonous tasks!
2) "World of alphabet - 2". In this game, your child will visit the most popular cities in Europe and learn new words!
3) “World of sorting”, where your child will classify and compare light and heavy, sort animals according to their respective habitats, and develop logic and focus.
4) "Adventure world”. This game includes learning letters, numbers, clothing, sports equipment, and much more!

Simple and intuitive controls will make it simple and fun to get to know:
• numbers and math
• letters and the alphabet
• shapes and colors
• light and heavy objects
• clothing and sports
Fun characters will entertain your child with different sound effects, funny animations, and help easily navigate the game.

Pay attention to how children learn! Babies and toddlers can have fun for a long time without stress and time limits.

Also, we would like to tell you about the interesting process of creating educational games for children. So you will have a better idea of the hard work that we put into each game.

1) It starts with the searching and designing of the ideas for our own certified methodology for teaching children from 1 year and older. For example, a game may contain at least 12 levels. As soon as the design of the idea is completed, the next stage may begin.

2) The stage of creating sketches is a great way to quickly try different options for each illustration of the game. This gives us a better idea of the visual images of children's game.

3) As soon as the sketches are approved, we proceed to the search for the artist. With particular significance, we approach the choice of the style of the future game, as we know how important is the balance between education and getting pleasure from the game for children from 1 year old.

4) Meanwhile, the composer creates a melody based on the idea of a future game. Both the game and the artist's illustrations serve as a source of inspiration for creating music.

5) Then, we translate our educational games for children into other languages.

6) When all the steps are completed, it is important to see how the game looks on the device. You need to check all the texts, pictures, animations, sound effects, voice-overs, glitches, and so on. Our professionals (programmers and testers) do this.

7) Only after successful tests we release our educational games for children. This whole process can take from two to six months. This is a very interesting trip and we love what we do!

We are constantly adding new educational games to our application stores around the world, which you can find on our website:

Start endless fun and education now! Try it!

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