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About 123 Numbers - Count & Tracing

Learning is fun again with 123 Numbers - Count & Tracing, the best numbers educational app for children!

Help your toddler or preschool child learn the numbers, tracing, counting and more with this easy to use app designed for kids and parents to play together. 123 Numbers features bright, colorful games that teach while children play, making it easy to learn basic number and counting knowledge from a convenient all-in-one app.

Each game in 123 Numbers features fun graphics and sounds as well as collectible stickers to encourage children to learn every single day. Parents can also customize each game to suit their child’s needs. But best of all, 123 Numbers is FREE to download and enjoy. There are no third party ads or in-app purchases, just a safe and fun environment for kids to learn in.

123 Numbers is packed with fun learning games for kids:

Number Tracing – Learn the shapes of numbers with this colorful beginner’s mini-game. Kids follow the bright arrow guides to trace shapes on the screen. Easy!

Learn to Count – Several types of objects will be displayed on the screen. Children count the objects and tap on each one to learn numbers individually.

Number Matching – A number is displayed in a balloon at the top of the screen. Kids will recognize the number and drag the correct solution from the bottom of the screen.

Fill in the Blank - An advanced game that shows numbers in a sequence with a blank spot at the end. Kids fill in the blank to complete the sequence.

123 Numbers is a fun-filled app that’s perfect for preschool, toddler and kindergarten kids. Parents will love the customizable game options and focus on learning, but children will be captivated by the bright graphics, fun sound effects, collectible stickers and entertaining games.

Note to Parents:
When working on 123 Numbers, we wanted to create the best and most entertaining educational experience possible. We’re parents ourselves and know how paywalls, third party advertisements, and in-app purchases can be frustrating obstacles to the learning process. To combat this, we included all the features of a paid app into a single preschool friendly package, making it easy for parents and kids to sit down and enjoy. It’s exactly the kind of educational app we wanted for our own children, and we think your family will like it, too!

Thanks, and happy learning!
- The parents at RV AppStudios

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is 123 Numbers - Count & Tracing?

123 Numbers - Count & Tracing is an educational app designed for children to learn numbers, tracing, counting, and more.

Is the app free to download and use?

Yes, 123 Numbers is FREE to download and enjoy with no in-app purchases or third party ads.

What types of games are included in 123 Numbers?

123 Numbers includes games such as Number Tracing, Learn to Count, Number Matching, and Fill in the Blank.

Can parents customize the games in 123 Numbers?

Yes, parents can customize each game to suit their child's needs.

Is 123 Numbers suitable for preschool, toddler, and kindergarten kids?

Yes, 123 Numbers is designed for preschool, toddler, and kindergarten kids.

Are there any paywalls, third party advertisements, or in-app purchases in 123 Numbers?

No, 123 Numbers includes all features of a paid app in a single package, making it a frustration-free learning experience without paywalls, ads, or in-app purchases.

Who developed 123 Numbers?

123 Numbers was developed by RV AppStudios, a team of parents who wanted to create the best educational experience for children.
Awesome for my child
Erica Hackett
I LOVE THIS GAME It can help me write 123 more good now I installed all of the apps of rv bur not the grown up keep up the good work bye☺
Ruba Alset
I used this app with my now 5 year old and he loved it. My 18 month old is now using the same app and more. They say boys develop slower than girls well these app have my boys above and beyond the expectatio...
Racquel Ambrose
My toddler is loving this. His eyes light up as he learns.
Tundun Olatunbosun
Neha Sharma
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