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About MMORPG Laurum Online - RPG - Pixel MMO - PVP

Play, level up and rebirth as a stronger character as you play this MMORPG. Kill as many monster as you can with your power.

In Laurum MMORPG, there is ZERO pay to win! Everyone works their way up by playing the RPG Game levels.

Customize your skins, choose your class, and collect useful items. Fight other players and win! Whether you like classic RPG games, open world MMORPG, or multiplayer online games, you should try Laurum 2D. It’s addictive, exciting, and enjoyable!

☆Choose Your Class! ☆
Like other multiplayer online games, you can play as Warrior, Hunter, Wizard or Paladin. Each class has 15 different skills that you can use against your enemies.

☆Awesome Events and Adventure Quest! ☆
We have awesome events such as Devil Square – kill waves of monsters and stay alive as long as you can. You can also participate in Quests. There are two bosses to defeat so be prepared to meet them.

☆ PvP - Fight other Players! ☆
Fight & kill other players in our open world games. This is what makes our multiplayer online game so much fun!

☆ Open World RPG Game ☆
Everything is on the public area, including dungeons. Collect as many items as you can to help you level up and improve in the pixel game and beat other players.

☆ No Pay to Win! ☆
Everyone works their way up in this adventure quest game developed by pixel! Equip your training stones to divert exp to those stats and level them up.

☆ Karma System! ☆
Are you a Murderer or a Hero? If you kill an innocent player or other players without reasons, then we will label you as a Murderer. To perform Heroic acts and get labelled as a hero, you have to kill the Murderers.

☆ Join Guild ☆
One of the best parts of playing multiplayer online games is to join a guild and play together with your guild buddies.

☆ Get Loyal Companion ☆
Get loyal companion to help you out! Each of them will help you in different ways such as collecting your loot, teleporting, open auction house remotely, and many more.

☆ Customizable RPG games characters ☆
You can customize your character with different skins and upgrade items.

So, are you curious about our RPG online game yet? Try Laurum now and perform heroic acts to level up your character today!

Features of Laurum Online - RPG - MMORPG Multiplayer PVP:
- Extremely smooth MMORPG UI/UX
- No pay to play online multiplayer RPG Game
- Level up and unlock new RPG games characters
-Fight the evil and find your online partner
-Awesome RPG adventure levels
-Find and join your MMORPG guild and level up your ranking
-Are you excited to experience the breathtaking thrill of RPG games online? If yes, download and play Laurum Online - RPG - MMORPG Multiplayer PVP today!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Laurum Online?

Laurum Online is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) where players can play, level up, and become stronger characters. It is a pixel-based game with PVP (player versus player) elements.

Is Laurum Online a pay-to-win game?

No, Laurum Online is not pay-to-win. Players must work their way up by playing the game levels and there is no advantage given to players who pay.

What classes can I choose from in Laurum Online?

In Laurum Online, you can choose from four classes: Warrior, Hunter, Wizard, and Paladin. Each class has 15 different skills that can be used against enemies.

What events and quests are available in Laurum Online?

Laurum Online offers events such as Devil Square, where players can kill waves of monsters and try to survive. There are also various quests available, including boss battles.

Can I fight other players in Laurum Online?

Yes, you can engage in PVP combat and fight and kill other players in the open world of Laurum Online.

Is Laurum Online an open world RPG game?

Yes, Laurum Online is an open world RPG game. Everything, including dungeons, is accessible in the public area of the game.

Is there a pay-to-win element in Laurum Online?

No, Laurum Online has a no-pay-to-win policy. Players must earn their progress through gameplay. They can use training stones to level up their stats.

What is the Karma System in Laurum Online?

The Karma System in Laurum Online determines whether you are considered a Murderer or a Hero. Killing innocent players or killing others without reasons will label you as a Murderer. To be considered a Hero, you must kill the Murderers.

Can I join a guild in Laurum Online?

Yes, one of the exciting features of Laurum Online is the ability to join a guild and play together with your guild buddies.

Are there loyal companions in Laurum Online?

Yes, players can acquire loyal companions in Laurum Online. These companions provide various assistance such as loot collection, teleportation, and remote access to the auction house.

Can I customize my character in Laurum Online?

Yes, Laurum Online allows players to customize their characters with different skins and upgrade items.

How can I start playing Laurum Online?

To start playing Laurum Online, you can download the game and begin your adventure today. Level up your character, perform heroic acts, and enjoy the MMORPG experience.
ارجوكم فوكولي الباند ولله مالي مهكرا ولله ارجوكم ارجوكم
اجمل العاب اندرويد
Overall, the game is fun to play and is easy to grind, i started 30 mins ago and am already level 18. Keep updating this game and I LOVE your work.
blueberry bush
Its a good game with great potential. There is a lot more to improve. I hope it keeps on updating and also ihope that it goes on 3D. Its very fun playing!
jhong lagumen
Good game.Keep up the good work😁 -SlyJoker
De Leon
This game so amazing one of my favorite games and recommend rpg game for everyone out there
Michael Joseph Dela Peña
Wonderful mmo rpg for my phone. Thoroughly enjoy this game!
Brent Stevens