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About - 2D Battle Royale

This game requires an active internet connection to play.
Do you love PVP and fantasy-based games? Go head-to-head with other players in this exciting 2D Battle Royale.
Make use of a large variety of unique items and equipment in your struggle to be the last one standing!

We have recently added Duos to our game modes so you can play with friends.

-Solo (play by yourself versus other players)
-Duos (play as a team with friends or strangers versus other players)
-Unique equipment
-Cosmetics that you can mix and match
-Ranking system so you can compare your skill to other players
-Rewards which can be earned in various ways.
-Twitch integration for streamers (streamers appear on the title screen)

-New map
-New items and equipment
-New cosmetics
-Player tutorial

Once you join a match you'll appear in a lobby. Once the match begins you will be carried over the map by an airship.
You can jump off the airship when ready and free-fall or hold the drop button in to descend more quickly. After you've
landed you'll want to find a chest or break open containers to obtain weapons and items. You'll then have to fight your
way to the end of the match, making use of your equipment, environment, and brain. As the match progresses the area that you
can safely travel in will gradually become smaller and smaller.

If you ever need help or want to make new friends to play with, visit our official discord at:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What type of game is is a 2D Battle Royale game.

What do I need to play requires an active internet connection to play.

What game modes are available in currently offers Solo and Duos game modes.

Can I play with my friends in

Yes, you can play with friends or strangers in the Duos game mode.

What features are planned for plans to add Squads, a new map, new items and equipment, new cosmetics, and a player tutorial.

How do I play

Once you join a match, you will appear in a lobby. When the match begins, you will be carried over the map by an airship. Jump off the airship when ready and find weapons and items by breaking open containers or finding chests. Fight your way to the end of the match, making use of your equipment, environment, and strategy. As the match progresses, the playable area will gradually become smaller.

Is there a way to earn rewards in

Yes, there are various ways to earn rewards in

Is there a ranking system in

Yes, has a ranking system that allows you to compare your skill to other players.

Is there a discord channel for

Yes, there is an official discord channel for The link is
ili avizi
Best game ever
serenity garay
It is very good game
Hula Leacock
Best game EVER
Shani E
Best game ever but i'd prefer PC
Hilarious Memes
Perfect! It's absolutely my favourite io game, it's really fun πŸ€œπŸ’€πŸ€›πŸΏ