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About NV Charts

A clearly structured navigation app with intuitive and comprehensive tools for navigation on board. All boating charts or maps from NV Verlag / NV Charts can be easily downloaded and used for offline navigation with the NV Charts App. All NV Verlag / NV Charts nautical boating charts or inland charts including | North Sea | Baltic Sea | Netherlands | Wadden Sea | IJsselmeer | Sweden | Denmark | Germany | Norway | France | USA | Caribbean | Bahamas areas are compatible with NV Charts App.

One way to have great nautical charts both on paper and on our phone or tablet is to use our popular combination pack of paper and digital nautical charts, which includes both charts in clever atlas format and digital nautical marine boating charts/maps for use in the NV Charts app, including a one-year update service. But you can also purchase digital boating charts as a subscription directly in the NV Charts App. The subscription duration is one year and is automatically extended. The advantage: your boating charts are always up to date in the app.
If it is not yet clear where the journey is going to take you, free online charts can be displayed for all NV Charts nautical chart areas in the app.

The latest information is essential for safe navigation on the water. With the new version of the NV Charts App 2020 you have the possibility to become part of the chart community. You can now add marinas, anchorages and navigation warnings to the digital chart and also add and share interesting places beyond navigation, such as restaurants or points of interest with pictures. Others can respond directly with comments. The continuously edited content can be downloaded directly to be available offline. In order to make all information easily accessible, we have improved the search function: You can explore the surroundings and search directly for place names as well as anchorages, harbours, ramps, waypoints, cranes, petrol stations, or tide stations. In addition, an auto-routing function has been integrated, which allows you to navigate directly to your destination.

Together navigation on board is even more fun! You can now share your tracks with friends or use the data outside the app and export it as GPX file. You can share your favorite harbors and anchorages from the app simply by clicking on a link and coordinate your trip planning even better with everyone.

With the AIS function in the NV Charts App you can keep an eye on AIS signals in real-time. You can connect a Wlan AIS receiver to the NV Charts and the app display AIS Class A and B signals and navigation aids (ATON), as well as MOB AIS SART transponder distress transmitters, directly in the digital chart in real-time and the traffic situation can be assessed better.

The NV Charts App can be installed and synchronized on multiple devices.

NV Charts App - Features:
✔ Search function
✔ Autorouting
✔ Community Layer / Points of Interest(POI)
✔ Free online boating charts preview for planning
✔ In App Purchases of digital offline charts
✔ Community Layer / Points of Interest(POI)
✔ Reads sea charts of all NV chart areas
✔ Easy download of the maps
✔ Always the latest data
✔ Seamless zoom and panning functions
✔ Tide Forecast
✔ Online weather
✔ AIS Wifi Support
✔ AIS Sart Beacon
✔ Night mode
✔ Position with GPS
✔ Intuitive route planning
✔ Course markings, markings, bearing ruler
✔ Port information
✔ Display of instruments
✔ Synchronizing devices
✔ Live Position Sharing
✔ Social sharing of routes, tracks, positions

## Android version 7.0 or higher required.
(Use the NV Charts Classic version on older devices)

Continued use of GPS in the background can significantly reduce battery life.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is NV Charts?

NV Charts is a navigation app with comprehensive tools for navigation on boats, offering both digital and paper nautical charts for various areas.

Can I use NV Charts offline?

Yes, all boating charts from NV Verlag / NV Charts can be downloaded and used offline with the NV Charts App.

How can I have both paper and digital charts with NV Charts?

NV Charts offers a combination pack of paper and digital nautical charts, which includes charts in atlas format and digital charts for use in the app. They also offer a subscription service for digital boating charts.

Are the boating charts regularly updated?

Yes, if you purchase the subscription service, your boating charts will be automatically extended and always up to date in the app.

Can I access free online charts with NV Charts?

Yes, you can display free online charts for all NV Charts nautical chart areas in the app.

What new features are available in the NV Charts App 2020?

The new version allows users to add marinas, anchorages, navigation warnings, and points of interest to the digital chart. It also includes an improved search function, auto-routing, track sharing with friends, and AIS function to monitor AIS signals in real-time.

Can I synchronize the NV Charts App on multiple devices?

Yes, the NV Charts App can be installed and synchronized on multiple devices.

What are the system requirements for using the NV Charts App on Android?

The NV Charts App requires Android version 7.0 or higher. Older devices can use the NV Charts Classic version.

Does using GPS in the background affect battery life?

Yes, continued use of GPS in the background can significantly reduce battery life.
Perfect for easy and inexpensive coastal navigation. Super clear charts in large book form, with app for use on most devices (mine run android). Garmin and Raymarine must be worried.
Clive McAfee
htin kyaw
The app was working happily and I had created a number of routes logbooks and waypoints, which have now disappeared. Update:Tech support sent a patch which has fixed the issue and a further update has added ...
Ian French
Great app which came free with a chart, its usefulness has really surprised me.
Gordon Inwood
This is a friendly system, it is user friendly.
Marlon La Rose
Very handy app for leisure navigation