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About Wavve Boating: Community Marine Navigation GPS

Ever felt uneasy navigating on the water? Wanted to know your boat friend's locations? Or looking for the best boat ramp or marina for the night?

The Wavve Boating app takes a new spin on traditional boating apps by providing all of this and more in one simple to use tool. Join a community of boaters and sailors building a network of marine knowledge for all to enjoy.

With Wavve Boating you get:

Forget those overcrowded and confusing maps and apps, with Wavve Boating GPS, it’s as easy as staying in the blue, and avoiding the red.

Wavve Boating's innovative approach allows boaters to view and change nautical charts based on their unique needs and preferences. You choose your draft and Wavve Boating redraws the marine chart data with your boat in mind. Marine charts are sourced from NOAA in the United States and CHS in Canada.

See who’s out on the water and where by adding friends to your fleet. Fleets make meeting up with friends on the water easy, and helping out other Wavvers even easier. Looking to boat under the radar? Easily hide your location at any time.

Just like on the water, on Wavve Boating, we all help each other out. Our GPS map pinning functionality allows users to share their knowledge of lakes, rivers, oceans and any waterway. Our community of Wavvers vote on pins, making sure all pins are valid and valuable. Not willing to share a great find with other users? No problem. You have the option to keep the pins you add private.

Wavve Boating needs you! We've built the platform but it is boaters that will build our Wavver community. Share your knowledge, share your time, and save a prop or two in the process.

Current chart data includes coastal United States and Canada, The Great Lakes, The St. Lawrence River and portions of the Caribbean. You can view a map of our coverage at

Marine navigation is more than staring at a cluttered chart plotter. It’s about the fun of the journey. Forget buying marine charts piece by piece for your chart plotter. Wavve Boating has integrated all marine charts into one map for your boat GPS needs.

Wavve Boating is free to download. All customers are welcome to a free trial period. Should you choose to continue to use the Wavve Boating app after the free trial, we offer two auto-renewing subscription options, monthly or yearly. See within the app for current pricing.

Want to learn more about Wavve Boating’s marine navigation aid? Still deciding if this is the right boat gps app for you to replace your chart plotter? Looking for an alternative to Navionics, Embark, Garmin Active Captain or other? Head to to learn more.



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Simple, clean app for sharing my location on the water with friends. Bonus that my family can track me during longer paddles for extra safety. 6 out of a possible five stars!
Brett Kerrigan
A must have for all boaters - bridges the gap between other marine apps and traditional devices by connecting you with real time data from boaters around you and your boating community and overlaying it on e...
Michael Demmons
Totally worth the super reasonable cost ... pay the man. PERFECT for the casual boater. I don't need charting and the costs involved with that ... I just want to be able to avoid the danger of shallow water ...
Don Sylvester
Simple intuitive marine navigation at a competitive price. This is a fantastic app created by those who have a passion for all things boating and supported by a thriving community of users. New features have...
Dan Napier
Great in the Thousand Islands.
Mathieu Lecompte
Really helps with at a glance boating!
Steve Carkner