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About Picmonic: Nursing school RN LPN NP NCLEX AANP ANCC

Ridiculously efficient. Unbelievably effective. Make Studying Fun & Remember More in Less Time with Picmonic, the world’s best mnemonic video & spaced repetition quizzing study tool that’s research-proven to increase memory retention 331%!

10,000+ quiz questions & 1,000+ entertaining mnemonic videos covering all major subjects. Used by over HALF A MILLION STUDENTS in Medical, Nursing, NP, PA, PT, OT & PharmD school.

Ditch boring textbook memorization, recall information faster and retain it longer to ace your courses, clinicals & board certification exam with less study time using unforgettable images and's Cliff Notes meets Saturday morning cartoons!

Every day for FREE you can watch one Picmonic video of your choice and do 20 quiz questions plus the Daily Quiz with Spaced Repetition. Get unlimited access with an affordable subscription.

• Program Options: Nursing RN, Nursing LPN, Nurse Practitioner
***MEDICAL/PA/PT/OT/RX & College students click ( for specific apps for Medical (MD/DO/NMD), Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Pre-Health / MCAT, Medical Terminology, and college sciences.

• Nursing Courses: Fundamentals, Pharmacology, Pathophysiology, Med-Surg, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Critical Care, Psych, Peds, OB and more
• Body System course organization & an NCLEX Study Guide
• Textbook mappings: Elsevier & Lippincott books like Saunders NCLEX, Lewis, Pottery & Perry, Lilley, Lehne, Jarvis, Adams, Taylor, Brunner & Suddarth, Ignatavicius, Wong, Lowdermilk and Ricci!)

***Nurse Practitioner Students
1,400 NP Picmonics & 11,000 quiz questions covering all major subject areas for your FNP, ANP, GNP, or A-GNP courses and the AANP or ANCC board exam, you can even follow along with the Fitzgerald or Leik review books!

“I am so excited and HAPPY that I passed the ANCC Board examination for FNP!! I definitely feel that using Picmonic was SO HELPFUL to remember many of the facts that I needed to know!” Mary B. @ Chamberlain Nursing

***Nursing Students
Start memorizing Lab Values. Stop confusing acids and bases.
Pass the NCLEX® in 75 questions then go be a great nurse!

All the critical info you need to know as a nursing student is turned into 1,000 Picmonics & 10,000 quiz questions preparing you for nursing school, HESI ATI Kaplan exams, and the NCLEX RN or NCLEX PN.

“I struggled in my Fundamentals class, then found Picmonic and made a 95 on my fluid and electrolytes exam! My first A ever in nursing school!” Rene S. @ Bevill State Nursing

“Pure memorization can be hard, but Picmonic has helped me to ACE my pharmacology class in nursing school. 1000x thanks!” Michael B. @ Valencia Nursing

Struggling to actually retain what you’re learning? Use the Picmonic study tool starting day one to learn nursing smarter. Assigned reading… lol… follow along by textbook chapter watching these cartoon mnemonics to show up to class prepared, then use the Daily Review Quiz that’s better than Quizlet or any pharm flashcards or Mosby flashcards to prep for that HESI or ATI Nursing exam. You’ll remember all the details and stop referencing Nursing Drug Handbooks / Scrub Cheats.

Get an NCLEX Qbank quiz question wrong in NCLEX RN Mastery, UWORLD NCLEX, NRSNG, Osmosis or Kaplan NCLEX Qbank? Hop back to Picmonic so it sticks! Our characters become your very own ATI Mentor and bond together to act as your Saunders NCLEX RN review book choir, singing you the sweet answers. Don't settle for free sketchy nursing or sketchy medical resources, use what's PROVEN to work! Now that’s some simple nursing school for you with Picmonic as your RN mentor.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How can Picmonic help with studying?

Picmonic is a mnemonic video and spaced repetition quizzing study tool that is research-proven to increase memory retention. It makes studying fun and helps you remember more in less time.

Who can use Picmonic?

Picmonic can be used by students in medical, nursing, NP, PA, PT, OT, and PharmD school. It is also suitable for those preparing for board certification exams.

What subjects does Picmonic cover?

Picmonic covers all major subjects including nursing courses such as fundamentals, pharmacology, pathophysiology, med-surg, microbiology, biochemistry, anatomy, critical care, psych, peds, OB, and more.

How does Picmonic work?

Picmonic uses entertaining mnemonic videos and quiz questions to help you recall information faster and retain it longer. It uses unforgettable images and stories to make learning more effective.

Can I try Picmonic for free?

Yes, you can watch one Picmonic video of your choice for free every day. You can also do 20 quiz questions plus the Daily Quiz with Spaced Repetition. However, unlimited access requires an affordable subscription.

Does Picmonic offer options for different nursing programs?

Yes, Picmonic offers program options for nursing RN, nursing LPN, and nurse practitioners. They also provide specific apps for medical, PA, PT, OT, RX, and college students.

Can nurse practitioner students use Picmonic?

Yes, nurse practitioner students can benefit from Picmonic. It offers 1,400 NP Picmonics and 11,000 quiz questions covering all major subject areas for various NP courses and board exams.

Can Picmonic help with preparing for the NCLEX exam?

Yes, Picmonic is designed to help nursing students prepare for the NCLEX RN or NCLEX PN. It provides 1,000 Picmonics and 10,000 quiz questions that cover the critical information needed to pass the exam.

How has Picmonic helped nursing students?

Many nursing students have found Picmonic helpful in their studies. It has helped them improve their exam scores, remember important information, and understand difficult topics in nursing school.

Can Picmonic be used alongside other study resources?

Yes, Picmonic can be used alongside other study resources such as textbooks and NCLEX review books. It can also be used to reinforce learning from other quiz question banks.
Singlehandedly got me through nursing school. So worth the cost
Passed an exam this morning, having only read the assigned chapters once, solely on visual recall of these ridiculous, brilliant picmonics. I have ADHD & nursing school has been an incredible struggle with C...
Kate Nix
The characters really help me remember the symptoms and interventions associated with each disease process. Very useful on exams when I'm stressed I just remember these crazy characters and what they stand f...
Diane Bolden
Loh Siew Cheng
Theeeee best way to learn pharmacology and anatomy!!!!! Makes retaining the info easy and it's fun 😊. I absolutely love this app!!!!
Crystal Valentine
Love it. Put things in perspective for.
Ashley Simmons