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About KidneyDiet

Do you need to follow a kidney diet?
KidneyDiet® (Kidney Diet) helps you watch the 3ps.
Phosphorus. Potassium. Protein.
KidneyDiet helps people with kidney disease make better choices. Watching your nutrient intake and educating yourself about your nutrition needs changes during the course of kidney disease. Whether you are on dialysis or not, you must become aware of the following in your diet:


KidneyDiet makes it easy to personalize your Daily Diary Guidelines and compare your nutritional intake against your doctor's recommendations.

- Charts and tables provide clarity on your nutrition.
- Nutrient tracking is comprehensive and shows insight into your intake of carbohydrates, glycemic index, glycemic load, fat, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals in the foods you eat.
- Personalized guidelines tailor the app to meet your specific needs.
- Keep a list of favorite foods
- Email your Daily Diary to yourself or your healthcare provider.

Eat right. Enjoy life.

I was just put on the low potassium diet and I found a great app for looking up nutrients, but could not find one that tracked all of the nutrients. This app is great, just what I was looking for.
valerie burns
Love it
Ann Murrell
Great for watching the three 'P's. Easy to use with extensive food data.
Rich Smith