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About BeyondTheScale

Struggling with your body image? Stuck in a diet-binge-diet cycle? Feeling anxious around food? Welcome to your pocket coach for body image and intuitive eating.

Imagine a life where...

- You no longer log your foods or track your calorie intake.

- You eat out with friends without the food guilt and anxiety.

- You no longer binge eat, skip meals or restrict certain foods or entire food groups.

- You confidently wear swimwear on the beach.

- You can cope with difficult emotions without turning to food for comfort.

- You no longer delay dating, holidays or weddings because you're waiting to become the 'perfect dress size'.

- You're able to tune out the noise of dieting and body shaming.

- You discover the joy of movement and gentle nutrition and improve your physical health without resorting to dieting and fitness boot camps.

This app is designed to be your pocket body image and intuitive eating coach.

The free 6-day course will teach you all the basics you need to begin making peace with food and your body after a lifetime of dieting. You will learn about intuitive eating, the body positivity movement and the HAES approach. You can also purchase access to the coaching programme within the app.

About the developer:

Karen Lynne Oliver, BA, MA, is the Founder of Beyond The Bathroom Scale®. Her multi-award-winning body image & disordered eating coaching business draws on the principles of Intuitive Eating, the Body Positivity movement, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Positive Psychology and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, in order to help women tackle disordered eating, overcome emotional eating and recover from long-term dieting via a holistic, research-led online coaching programme.

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