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About Scale Up

Scale Up is an efficient body analyzing application for you and your family.

* Work with weight scale, fat scale of Bluetooth 4.0.
* Track the weight, body fat, body water, muscle, bone mass, daily caloric intake, visceral fat, and physique rating, fat-free mass, etc.
* Evaluate the status of your body shape and nutrition.
* Record your body history by day, week and month.
* Generate physical fitness evaluation report.
* Share your body status to your friends by SNS.
* Set goal of your body weight and track.
* Support multi users for your family.
* See friends in healthy forum.
* Share physical fitness report, comment, photos with your friends.
* Get notified when friends like and comment on your posts
* Show Logos and skins for different Smart Scales.
* support FitBit or Google Fit save or read body measurements.

Available on Android 4.3 or above system.

Very good app. Keep to check my weight everyday. Lots of details show to my phone and save the record. It's really useful.
Maggie C
Best weighing scale i ever use. Now im loss 27kg. New target go for ideal #60kg
Fuyoo Gamer
Mohd Fadil