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About Expiration Date Scanner - FoodLess

I made this app because I would sometimes have to throw away food that expired a day or two ago, but If only I knew that beforehand I would surely consume it in time and prevent having to waste money and food. This app helps solve this problem.

Tired on missing out on your food expiring and ending up wasting money ? With the help of this app you will be able to mark products with best until date and avoid discarding any products as long as you consume them in time. Just scan the barcode, scan the expiration date and that's it! By using this app you will be able to drastically reduce expiring food and save money. Our goal is to reduce the unnecessary waste of products

Barcode scanner - Scan product barcodes and edit them if needed.
Expiry date scanner - Just simply scan the expiration dates.
Add food with expiry dates - Easy to use user interface lets you quickly add new products with pictures so you can easily manage your list.
View products - Be Frugal by consuming goods in time.
Get notified about expiring food - You get a reminder in the morning so you have all day to consume the product and prevent food getting expired.
Create categories - Find products easier by putting them into categories
Invite people to groups - Team up with others so we can further reduce food waste.
Ability to swipe left/right or select multiple products to throw away or consume the products.
Graphs to see how you saved or wasted food.

‣ If you are one of the people that hates it when you have to throw away food that is expired this app is for you. With the help of notifications that remind you about food to be expired you will be able to consume food in time. We will help you be frugal and stop you from wasting money on food

How to use:

‣ Scan a barcode
‣ Scan Expiration date
‣ Thats it.

DOWNLOAD NOW And Start Your Battle With Expiring Food !
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You can see all the expiring goods. Helps me save on food.
Dalton Albinson
Scanner is the best i have found. But i wish the usability was a lot better. I would prefer if i could take only two pictures max and press enter. Then have list view of product photo with the expire date. A...
Teo Hadj
I like it a lot, but I miss customization settings. For example date format (we use DD.MM.YYYY here), and some kind of notification options, for example I would like to be able to set notifications for a cer...
Adam Kroupa