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About OptumRx

The new OptumRx mobile app empowers you to become an informed advocate of your health. The completely redesigned user interface is easy to navigate and makes managing your pharmacy benefit and your health simple.

OptumRx Members – take care of your home delivery prescriptions at any hour, from anywhere, using the new OptumRx App. This application makes it easier than ever to refill and renew existing home delivery pharmacy prescriptions, sign up new prescriptions for home delivery, compare medication prices and more.

We heard your feedback and have redesigned our homepage with a simpler design and large buttons to order, price and track medications.

Refill home delivery prescriptions
Access your Medicine Cabinet to select the prescription you want to refill.

Renew prescriptions for home delivery
Send your doctor a request to renew a prescription.

Transfer a prescription to home delivery
Save a trip to the pharmacy by having your long-term prescriptions delivered to your front door.

Compare medication prices and find lower-cost options
Use the medication pricing tool to see how much your prescriptions cost at a retail pharmacy versus home delivery, and find out if you can save money with lower-cost options.

Review order status for home delivery medication
Check the status of your refills, renewal requests and more.

Setup a medication reminder
Stay on top of days and dosage times by setting up a reminder to take your medications

Locate a pharmacy
Simply enter a ZIP code to find in-network pharmacies closest to you.

View claims history
View claims history through the app, whether you use our home delivery pharmacy or a retail pharmacy. Simply go into Claims History to view up to 12 months of prescriptions, how much you’ve spent on medication, and how much pharmacy benefit you’ve used.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can the OptumRx mobile app do?

The OptumRx mobile app allows you to refill and renew home delivery prescriptions, compare medication prices, track medication orders, set medication reminders, find in-network pharmacies, and view claims history.

How can I refill my home delivery prescriptions?

To refill your home delivery prescriptions, you can access your Medicine Cabinet in the app and select the prescription you want to refill.

Can I request a prescription renewal through the app?

Yes, you can send a request to your doctor to renew a prescription directly through the app.

Is it possible to have long-term prescriptions delivered to my home?

Yes, you can transfer your long-term prescriptions to home delivery and have them delivered to your front door, saving a trip to the pharmacy.

Can I compare medication prices using the app?

Yes, the app provides a medication pricing tool that allows you to compare the cost of your prescriptions at retail pharmacies versus home delivery. It also helps you find lower-cost options.

How can I check the status of my home delivery medication orders?

You can easily review the status of your refills, renewal requests, and more through the app.

Can I set up medication reminders through the app?

Yes, you can set up reminders to take your medications at the designated days and dosage times using the app.

How can I find in-network pharmacies?

Simply enter your ZIP code in the app, and it will locate in-network pharmacies closest to your location.

Can I view my claims history through the app?

Yes, you can view up to 12 months of prescriptions, see how much you've spent on medication, and track your pharmacy benefit by accessing the Claims History feature in the app.
Great, no problems
Roxanna Duncan
This is Easy to use
Anastacio Lopez
So well put together even I can use it. In short that means this app is perfect!!!
Tim Grode
Very easy to use.
Pearl Ellis
Very convenient
Sue Ferrari
Fsat, easy and very clear. The app is user friendly, too! Highly recommend!
Becky Eaton